Personalized Service

Every client will receive a personal, A+ trained, American technician. We are based out of West Palm Beach, Florida and ensure that every employee is fluent in English and easy to understand over the phone. We try to use layman’s terms when approaching technical problems. Nothing is worse than somebody telling you what is wrong and you not being able to understand the issue. While most tech companies focus on the bottom line, we focus on customer satisfaction.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy: Build a personal & professional relationship with each customer versus a large amount of unsatisfied customers. Our technician to customer ratio is amongst the best in the industry, ensuring that each client has a familiar contact for their computer & business needs. To us, one happy customer is worth more than ten upset customers.

Above the Call of Duty

While our primary objective is solving technical issues; virus’, hardware, software, malware, drivers, etc, we also offer technical advice based on knowledge, not commission. Just because some issues are outside the scope of a job description, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be addressed.

Who We Are

Rush Tech Support, LLC was formed with hopes of providing big company solutions with a personalized touch. We understand that no two computers, or companies are the same, and should be treated accordingly. You wouldn’t go to a different doctor each time something was wrong with your body, why do the same with your computer? It is important that every technician is held accountable and knows exactly what has been done on each client’s computer to ensure efficient work and the highest customer satisfaction.