Reasons Why Accountants Trust Rush Tech Support

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Computers are a requirement for securely preparing Taxes and that’s where there are 5 reasons why accountants trust Rush Tech Support. From our emails and contacts, virtual meetings, documents, entertainment, even our social lives require these devices. Every chore or pleasure involves a computer these days. Constant uses cause wear and tear, technical failure, glitches, virus infection and other issues that are often beyond our expertise to fix.

Even for technology experts, the process of diagnosis and troubleshooting issues can be quite time-consuming and tedious. It’s very common for the untrained person to make a simple issue worse by troubleshooting. Don’t let stubbornness be the reason why you don’t ask a professional to take a look. The best way to avoid these dilemmas is opting for a tech support plan tailor-made for accountants. Make sure you have a team of professionals dedicated to troubleshooting and maintaining the performance of your computer.

Rush Tech Support offers a multitude of plans, wide coverage on software and hardware, technical assistance by expert technicians.

Here we have five top reasons why accountants trust Rush Tech Support:

1. Optimized Performance

Slow computer problems are one of the most common complaints we hear. Sometimes these issues are just caused something easily fixed if you have the knowledge. That’s not to say that sluggishness can’t be caused by low memory space, hard disk failing, operating system corruptions, virus or malware attack, or something more exotic. Our support plans can include a wide range of preventative solutions as well as live technical support.

These options running in conjunction can resolve most computer issues which cause performance issues. Sometimes the resolution is an upgrade to the hardware and can advise you on what’s best for your needs. Sometimes the resolution is just setting up some better memory management. Other times it’s just a matter of running some malware scans and clearing out an overabundance of cached files. Making sure your computer is running it’s best is one of the reasons why accountants trust Rush Tech Support.

2. Quick Access to Tech Experts

A good tech support plan can heavily improve your peace of mind! Computer problems can seriously affect your productivity. A missed deadline or delayed project can cost you both time, money, and potential customers. That’s why quick and easy access to technical support is one of the reasons why accountants trust Rush Tech Support. Once a session is started you can communicate with our technicians either via ticketing system and messaging service or call us to work alongside you. One of the best advantages of outsourcing your IT support is having a team of professionals available even outside normal business hours. We are open from 8 am to 9 pm Monday thru Friday and even open on the weekends from 12 pm to 8 pm! Our RMM software never sleeps though! It’s working around the clock to keep your system optimized

3. Removing Viruses and Malware

Technology has the ability to connect us anywhere, near and far. Unfortunately, this openness can invite viruses and malware unwittingly. These programs can range from being annoying by producing frequent pop-up ads or as malicious as stealing social security numbers. The risks and fines associated with allowing your firm to have their customer’s private information exploited were covered recently in this blog post.

The internet has become a hacker paradise as companies take a lackadaisical approach to cybersecurity. Our technicians can work in tandem with your antivirus to detect, quarantine, or remove, and repair any possible damage malware can cause. We strive to make sure our skills and security software work so well you don’t have to think twice about your online usage. It’s obvious that a proper tech support plan can diminish security vulnerabilities and errors caused by viruses, malware, spyware, and adware. This peace of mind is priceless for those who already have so much to worry about.

4. Cost-Effective Solutions

Our technical support services often are billed monthly and include an unlimited number of incidents that happen while under service. Annual tech support plans are also available. This subscription model is thousands of hundreds of dollars cheaper than hiring someone hourly or per specific repair. With someone coming out onsite to fix something you have no idea what to expect. It might be a 5-minute fix which they will then charge for a full hour or several hours of work only to be told it’s a hardware issue. Make no mistake though, you will be billed for all that time regardless if a solution is found. Our subscription-based tech support plans have been a great way of cutting costs and are one of the main reasons why accountants trust Rush Tech Support. Obviously it’s an ongoing, consistent tax write off.

5. Support For Both Mac and Windows

Our technical support services work for both Windows and Mac. Syncro allows us to remotely monitor and manage both Windows and Mac machines with a degree of accuracy that few can claim. We run automated scripts to make sure the computer runs well without interference. Furthermore, every so often Microsoft rushes out windows updates which crash systems. By using Syncro we can curate what updates you get to make sure your workflow isn’t interrupted.


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It’s important to know the pros and cons of IT outsourcing. It can be one of the best decisions you can make for your business. The cybersecurity analysts at Rush Tech Support provide easy, personable, and affordable IT Support for anyone who needs it. We encourage you to call us and see for yourself. Call today at 844-881-7874 and make sure your accounting firm is as protected as possible!

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