Paul Gervasi

Paul Gervasi

5 Premium Desktops for 2019

Introduction: Are you having trouble choosing between all the premium desktops on the market? Many hardware savvy individuals will recommend building your own computer from scratch to save money. However, there are some benefits of purchasing from a traditional OEM manufacturer. Build quality, warranties, and simplicity are some of the many reasons to go this …

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Law Firm Security

6 Law Firm Security Hacks

Protecting personal information is important for everyone these days but law firm security needs to be even more stringent. Law firms deal mountains confidential information which they are legally required to secure for their clients. Rule 1.6 – Confidentiality of Information from the American Bar Association reads: “[2] A fundamental principle in the client-lawyer relationship …

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11 Wi-Fi Security Tips

Most use wi-fi and can use some wi-fi security tips to make sure we’re safe. Government monitoring is rampant. Companies as secure as credit agencies, health insurance companies, and even dating companies have been hacked. Individual security has fared no better. Just about everyone who connects to the internet asks, “Is my Wi-Fi secure?” This …

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