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5 Tech Tips for Small Businesses

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In our modern tech-hungry world with the right idea and a few tech tips for small businesses your company can thrive. Smaller companies are able to pivot with market changes when they happen. Even though not every new business is guaranteed to succeed with these few tips you stand a better chance in the ever-changing tech landscape.

These are a few tech tips for small businesses:

1. Freshen Up Your Website (Or Get A New One)

Often times your website will be the first interaction that a potential customer will have with your company. The website is an extension of your company and it should match the image you present in person. A website that is difficult to navigate, unclear of what is possible through it or overall cumbersome could lead to a poor first impression of your company. Younger generations might even scoff at the website and choose to take their business elsewhere, believing that clearly, your services are as dated at the website’s appearance.

Test out how easily your website is to navigate by counting the number of clicks to get to the desired location (such as your products page) and how much your mouse has to travel to get there. Every retailer is under attack from Amazon and others who make every shopping experience simple.

Never underestimate the importance of Google reviews. At a glance, this shows your recent customer interactions. A low score might make or break a potential client’s choice of walking through your front door. When a bad Google review left unresponded to a customer only gets one side of the story. It’s common to see businesses respond to bad Google reviews either apologizing, explaining further, and even offering discounts. This shows a good faith agreement that when a business messes up, they try to fix it.

2. Your Website Needs to be Mobile-friendly

Your website also needs to work well on mobile devices. If you have a brick and mortar store, a potential customer may use Google reviews and browsing your site from their phone to decide quickly between you and your competitor. Make sure you have your best foot forward and keep the barriers of entry at a minimum.

After 2015 Google’s search engine algorithms started heavily weighting the importance of mobile-ready sites. Your website might be pushed off the front page or further by not making your website work well with mobile devices. A mobile website should look similar to your main site, providing similar functionality, but streamlined with fewer images or videos to allow it to load better on mobile networks. It’s better for your main site to have fewer bells and whistles but run great on mobile than opt for a bunch of flashy things that brings everyone’s phone to a crawl.

3. Get Business Broadband

One of the major tech tips for small businesses involves understanding that your budget is limited but your internet connection speed is pivotal. However, this is one essential utility that you should prioritize. A quality internet connection means work in the office is done in the office faster, saving time and money. Less downtime and a better network response means a better overall experience for your customers.

Most internet service providers have business class internet packages available. These oftentimes provide better upload speeds than traditional consumer packages since businesses prioritize sending information almost as much as receiving it. Also when dealing with internet outages business clients get priority repairs over someone with a 50 dollar a month home connection. Depending on the provider and the contract signed there might even be a clause that requires the provider to respond on-site within a certain time frame. Less downtime means less loss of income and fewer customer complaints.

Be mindful of the contract you’re signing though. Unlike a consumer contract which is mostly just boilerplate, generic legal jargon, these contracts could cost your business thousands to get out of.

4. Use Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a great way to minimize your overhead. A rack of servers filled with the hard drive space you need can get expensive. Services like Amazon AWS and cloud back up services like LiveDrive offsets the hardware costs and spread it over a monthly subscription.

Cloud storage specifically is one of the major90ooooooooo tech tips for small businesses where communication is key and sharing files across multiple computers is required. Rather than having to load things up on CDs, flash drives, or external hard drives employees can access files from a shared folder that resides in the cloud.

Even those with dedicated servers onsite use cloud storage for redundancy and added convenience. When first starting out that hardware costs can be kicked down the road until it becomes absolutely necessary.

5. Social Media Can Be A Trap

Don’t fall for the trap that social media is a cure-all. Marketing is important to make sure you have a steady flow of customers. However keeping up with a company Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. can become more cumbersome than effective. The important thing to keep an active and engaged customer base. Your social media presence should be prominent but not intrusive. If you’re too pushy your notifications become more annoying than useful, leading to an unfollow.

By providing social media exclusive coupon codes or deals this incentive your audience to keep following you. It also allows you can cause an upsurge in business on particularly slow days or weeks if done correctly.


With even just a couple of these 5 tech tips for small businesses, you can make sure you’re ahead of the curve as the times change. If you would like more information on how your small business can implement these tips, give Rush Tech Support a call at 844-880-7874 and we’d be happy to help!

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