Working From Home During Coronavirus?

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Working from home during Coronavirus can be difficult without proper preparation. We at Rush Tech Support want to make sure that your business and its productivity doesn’t suffer just because you’re not physically in the office.

What You Need:

In order to make working from home a seamless transition, it’s important to take an inventory of what you do daily, and how exactly you do it. Certain commonly used files will need to be organized and duplicated, necessary software might need to be installed on your home computer, and figuring how you intend to communicate with your colleagues are your main priorities.

Access to Files

It’s important to be able to access your files from home so you don’t have to start from scratch. In order to not skip a beat figure out what’s the best route for you to manage your files. Here are a few of the many options available:


Many existing Rush customers already have Livedrive accounts set up. If Livedrive is installed on your work computer, those files can be accessed through the web portal. If you’re unsure of what your login credentials are (since they’re not used often) call in and we’ll be able to provide them to you.

Google Docs

Anyone with a Gmail account has access to Google Documents and is capable of sharing files and work specific folders. Each Gmail account allows for 15 gigabytes of information to be stored between both emails and documents. Google Docs can work very similar to Excel and Word files but are much more flexible to use and share since they’re stored in the cloud. All you have to do is sign into your Gmail account to have full access to that account’s files.

Once a Google doc is created you can right-click on it and choose share. Once an email is typed in an invitation to view (and edit if the permission is enabled) the document. You can also create a sharable link that doesn’t require a specific email to be provided but can be accessible to any who have the link available. We strongly recommend getting a Gmail account for this purpose if you don’t have on ready. G-Suite is the paid version of this service which allows for much more storage than what is offered for free. But the free version is more than good enough for most working from home during the Coronavirus.

External Drive

Worst comes to worst, backup your files to an external drive, and take your files home. You may be already doing a hard backup of your files to an external drive. We do recommend doing that in conjunction with a cloud backup service. However, this isn’t secure in a business environment and may not be allowed by your company.

Remote Software

There are many different remote software providers available. Many remote softwares offers similar functionality and performance but with a wide range of pricing. If you are directly remoting into your work computer this eliminates the problem of accessing your files or programs.

AnyDesk (Best Free Option)

This software is great for temporary use. It’s free (so long as during the install you state it’s for non-commercial use) and offers stable remote session to your work computer.

AnyDesk when first installed

After downloading the software from here you will be provided a 9 digit ID. Now choose “Set password for unattended access”.

AnyDesk setting up unattended access

Once a password is selected that computer can be connected to once the Anydesk program is running. The user just needs to provide the 9 digit ID assigned to the computer and the password set up in Anydesk. We believe this is the best option for working from home during the Coronavirus for a majority of our clients.

TeamViewer (Most Expensive Option)

Teamviewer for a long while has been the gold standard of remote software. It offers one of the most stable connections possible but carries a premium price. Unless you or your company already has a TeamViewer set up, Rush doesn’t believe it necessary to shell out the cash for a temporary working from home situation. It’s all to common for Teamviewer to flag your IP address as a business and then proceeding to limit your time connected or disconnecting it all together. Not something you want to troubleshoot remotely when working from home during the Coronavirus.

GoToMyPC (A Well Balanced Option)

GoToMyPC offers a 7 day trial and subscription plans starting at 35 dollars per month for one computer. There are more extensive packages which include multiple computers and users but unless you’re setting this up for a larger business this plan is not needed. To be frank, if you are doing an extensive remote software deployment it’s best to give Rush Tech Support a call first. We can advise how best to deal with the most common pitfalls.

Communication With Others

Staying in contact with your colleges is very important. Making sure projects are coordinated properly, workflows are handled, and the organization doesn’t break down when working from home is of the highest importance.


Skype has been around for years and offers a wide range of features including messaging, audio calls, and video conferencing as well. Best of all, in a pinch, many of your employees might already have this installed for personal use. Simply get everyone’s Skype information, create a channel, and now you can all collaborate in one spot. For more extensive face to face coordination, a video call might be a good substitute while working from home during the Coronavirus.


Zoom is commonly used for business teleconferences. Many of your employees may know how to use it and your clients as well. This is a great substitute to being in the office. Once you sign up with your email you’re able to both host and join a meeting once a meeting ID is provided.


This is the program Rush Tech Support uses daily and not just when working from home during the Coronavirus. Slack is a powerful chat program that businesses can use to maintain announcements, organize specific teams in different chat channels, and also allows for direct messages between employees. Even the free version of this is quite scalable and allows for archiving of chat logs for an extended period of time. Chat logs can be monitored by administrators to maintain a professional environment. The premium version although it can add up quickly it allows for archiving of chat logs indefinitely.


Working from home during the Coronavirus if less than optimal. Rush Tech Support is here to make sure your business isn’t dead in the water even during these trying times. If you need assistance with setting any of this up or the other services we can provide, call 844-880-7874.

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