Benefits of Remote Support During Coronavirus

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remote tech support

With many big box stores and local shops forced to close their doors, the benefits of remote support during the Coronavirus start to seem obvious. In our last article, we discussed how you can set yourself up to work from home. However, you might be wondering why you might need a remote to technician work on the computer? There’s plenty of great reasons to, even when a global pandemic isn’t going on!

Maybe you’re just too busy and can’t do without your computer for several days? It’s common for us to work on computers during your non-business hours. Big-box stores or local shops often hold the machine for several days. Maybe the desktop is just too big or you’re not comfortable redoing the wiring? Regardless of why you want to avoid going to a local shop, there are many benefits of remote support.

Here are 6 key benefits of remote support during the Coronavirus

1. Performance Increase

Your computer can be running slow for a variety of reasons. It’s common for there to not even be anything major wrong with the machine. All too often we see that most computers just need a tune-up. There might be a ton of old files maxing out your hard drive space. Rarely used programs might be constantly running in your system tray, eating up your computer’s resources.

Your internet connection might be to blame as well. Your computer’s performance is just one aspect of the equation. It can be in pristine condition but connected to dial-up-like speeds. That means that Google Chrome windows load slowly or even crash and Youtube seems to be constantly buffering. Without the knowledge of what exactly is causing the slowdown, you might go out and buy a new computer thinking it will fix the issue. Having a technician in your corner who is capable of diagnosing difficult issues is a huge benefit of remote support. We will do our best to return your computer to factory-setting performance.

2. Fix Blue Screen Issues

Blue screens are some of the scariest things that can happen for a PC user. They often come out of nowhere and unless you feel comfortable researching the fix from the diagnostic info, it seems to happen for no good reason. However one of the benefits of remote support is that we can do the research on these problems for you! Having a Blue Screen of Death (as it’s commonly called) interrupting your work every few hours or days is the last thing you need to throw a wrench in your productivity or entertainment.

3. Remove Viruses and Malware

Viruses are one of the common benefits of remote support. Many only seek technical assistance once a major problem comes up. Luckily for those who sign up for our yearly service these issues are all covered. We can handle infections as they happen rather than letting multiple problems build up. There are many classifications of malware. Some malware is only interested in advertising to you in a very ostentatious way. Other malware wants to hold your computer for ransom and force you to pay someone anonymously via cryptocurrency.

There are countless ways for these infections to occur. Sometimes malware is acquired through email, malicious websites, or piggy-backed from other downloads. Regardless of what kind of malware it is, however, we’re able to resolve it. We have a wide range of tools, methods, and experience to make sure your computer is clean and protected. Viruses and malware removal is one of the most commonly utilized benefits of remote support.

4. Troubleshoot Various Issues

Not every computer problem is a virus or a major problem. Many of the issues we fix are specific settings that the customer wanted to be changed. These settings or website problems occur when you least expect it. Oftentimes these issues are resolved with a few clicks. However if you don’t know what to do, a local shop could price gouge on something that took them seconds to fix. Either on a given website or for the computer itself, we can make sure your computer works the way you want it to.

5. Answer Technical Questions Quickly

It’s common for our customers to ask for assistance with Facebook, Pogo games, or their email. It doesn’t mean that there’s a problem per se. Oftentimes our customers just aren’t sure exactly how to do something. These are the types of questions people may ask their friends and family in hopes that they know or can assist with. Rarely would you want to pay hundreds of dollars to take the computer to a local shop to ask these questions? Simply inquiries are one of the common benefits of remote support which our customers take advantage of. Either by phone or by using the Logmein Calling Card which resides on your desk, you can get your questions answered fast! For our RMM clients(Remote Monitoring and Management) clients, it’s even faster and without any extra steps from the customer.

6. Never Have To Leave Your House

For many years tech support was either conducted by bringing the computer into a shop for them to look at. That computer would then sit on a shelf for days until it got its turn in line to be worked on. After that, it would be evaluated and a bill would be presented based on the work put into the computer. The other way was by having a technician coming out to your house. They then would charge anywhere from 50 to 200 dollars an hour to work on the computer.

As you can imagine someone traveling to your house is the last thing you want during the Coronavirus. The local shop option has major drawbacks even at the best of times. However one of the benefits of remote support during the Coronavirus quarantine is that we can work on the computer as if it was in front of us but without all the added risk.


Rush Tech Support is here to help you weather the storm. We are open from 8 am to 10 pm Monday through Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8 are to 8 pm. We know this situation can be tough but we are committed to providing quality service. Give Rush Tech Support a call at 844-880-7874 to make sure that your computer is one less thing to worry about during the Coronavirus outbreak.

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