5 Ways to Secure Your Password

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With all the different accounts we have to manage daily, Rush Tech Support believes it’s important for a refresher course on 5 ways to secure your password. Passwords are the only thing protecting your most sensitive and private information from being leaked to third parties who mean you harm. This is an important subject to understand and take seriously.

Why Is It So Important to Secure Your Password?

Data Breaches happen all the time. In fact, they seem to be occurring more often. A good place to start is by checking is https://haveibeenpwned.com to see if a password that is tied to a given email account has been leaked to the Dark Web. The Dark Web is the repository where hackers sell their information to the highest bidder. The Dark Web is the same location where drugs and malware are bought and sold with cryptocurrency (untraceable electronic currency). This seedy location is not where you want your personal information to be readily available. You don’t want to be caught in these scammers crosshairs and a secure password is the first step to remain safe.

For more info on some of the largest breaches in 2019 look here.

Your Identity Is Worth Stealing

It’s common for people to believe they have nothing to hide and their information is of no real value. Your identity on the internet is directly tied to your financial identity. With enough information, hackers can fake being you enough to open up lines of credit, order packages in your name, withdraw money from your checking account, etc. You don’t have to be a millionaire for you to be targeted. A lot of these hacks occur in bulk and your information may just be one of the thousands which are being leaked. You may believe you are a small fish in a big electronic ocean but hackers cast a broad net and attempt to pull everyone in.

Major Tips

Never Share Your Password

This one should go without saying but please, never share your password. Often times people use one password across multiple accounts. All it takes is one of the less secure accounts to get exploited and now that hacker can try to use that password to sign in to other sites you might frequent. Sharing your password in instant messages or text might seem safe enough but there’s plenty of holes in those systems’ security. With enough digging into someone’s personal life, a hacker can obtain enough information to permanently ruin your financial history. This may take years to repair, if ever.

Stop Using The Same Password Everywhere

It is extremely common for people to use the same or maybe two passwords for every site they go to. We get it. Remembering what password you used where can be both time consuming and annoying. However, that minor annoyance pales in comparison to the annoyance of working with credit agencies. Dealing with the police, trying to recover stolen funds, is even worse. Not all website security is created equally. You might feel like your bank’s website is secure but that may be the same password you use for Pogo Games. A hacker doesn’t need to try to break the bank’s encryption to sign into your account, they just have to break into the lax game website’s security. This is why it’s so important to secure your password across all the websites you use regularly.

Try Lastpass

Using a password manager solves several of the problems people tend to have. If you are using a password manager save all your website passwords under one secure umbrella. This software makes it much more comfortable to use multiple passwords. Who cares if every one of the 20 sites you visit regularly has different passwords? You only have to remember Lastpass’s Master Password to be able to log into those 20 accounts. Lastpass is very convenient and can autofill your username and password automatically into the login boxes of your common sites. No more struggling to remember all of your usernames and passwords.

Try Randomly Generated Passwords

Lastpass has the feature of creating a randomly generated password. A Brute Force attack is when a program forces millions of password combinations into a login page. Eventually, it gets through with the right one. For example “mike1234” can be hacked through in under 3 minutes. Using your name or birthdate in passwords is just asking for trouble. However, with a randomized password like AaG316FVd@!V881 can take centuries. Under normal circumstances, that password would be a huge pain to remember. But because it’s saved in Lastpass however it’s both an extremely secure and extremely easy way to secure your password.

Use Two-Factor Authorization

Two-Factor Authentication (or 2FA) is one of the most secure ways to ensure that a given account is protected. Two-factor authorization works is by requiring the correct password to start, then a code is sent to a second device. After verifying that the login attempt is legitimate on that second device, you’re able to sign in fully. It is very unlikely for a third party to get both your password and access to that device or second account. In order for someone to hack into an account set up with 2FA they would need physical access to a device that is otherwise on your person. Most hackers are comfortable being behind a keyboard and less comfortable with breaking and entering into a house or robbing someone. This makes Two-Factor Authorization as one of the best ways to secure your account from potential scammers.


These 5 ways to secure your password should assist you with remaining as protected as possible in a world of cybercrime. Remaining vigilant is one of the most important things about password security and being informed is equally important. If you have any further questions or concerns about your account security, give Rush Tech Support a call at 844-880-7874 and we’d be happy to assist you.

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