Website Audit


Website Audit


Do you have a website that you want to perform better?

It all starts with a Website Audit. Our Search Engine Specialists will completely Analyze your Website and CORRECT the issues that are detected. We use the best software available to achieve the highest quality results available in our industry. These issues plague every website and must be identified and fixed if your site is going to be “crawled” correctly and rank properly on Search Engines.

  • Site Speed/Responsiveness
  • Broken Links
  • Negative Backlinks
  • Text-HTML Ratio
  • Tags (Title, H1, Schema)
  • Duplicate Content
  • Low Word Count

When a website is crawled by Search Engine bots, if they have a hard time navigating the site or find a ton of errors, you will lose Authority for the site. Which means Google, Bing and Yahoo won’t value your site enough to rank it fairly. You have to convince the Search Engines that your swebsite is well made and professional for them to serve them to people seeking accurate reliable information.  Ignoring this critical process can hamstring all your other SEO efforts and waste your resources. You have to start at the beginning of the process to maximize the return on your investment.  Get your Website current with SERP’s Best Practices and Start Ranking Today! For more help with Websites and SEO, visit Rush Tech Designs or call (561) 237-6029.