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Best VPNs for iOS

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There is an increased demand to find the best VPNs for iOS. It is just as important that our mobile phones and tablets are as secure as our computers when it comes to sensitive data. When using the internet there is no substitute for the protection that a Virtual Private Network (or VPN) can provide. Here are our picks for the best VPNs for iOS and other operating systems.

1. ExpressVPN 

Compatibility of ExpressVPN:

    • Windows / Mac / iOS / Android

Pros of ExpressVPN

    • Fast setup
    • Solid performance
    • Offshore privacy so no activity or connection logs.

Cons of ExpressVPN

    • Cheaper options
    • Only 3 devices at a time.

Pricing of ExpressVPN

    • Billed Monthly – $12.95 per month
    • Billed Annually – 15 months at $6.67 per month – $99.95 total
    • Billed Every 6 months – $9.99 per month – $59.95 total

ExpressVPN is an industry leader in providing a solid blend of features for cost. The install and setup process is generally under 5 minutes and doesn’t require extensive knowledge on the part of the customer to set up. It offers 148 server locations across in over 90 countries. This also is one of the fastest VPNs out. In some tests only the download speed by 15%. It is also compatible with Netflix and other streaming services which is a bit rare. The benefit of this means that some shows and movies can be accessed in locations where they are unavailable.


    • Windows / Mac / iOS / Android

Pros of IPVanish

    • Great performance
    • Smoothly running app

Cons of IPVanish

    • No trial available

Pricing of IPVanish

    • Billed Monthly – $10.00 per month
    • Billed Every 3 Months – 8.99 per month – 26.99 total
    • Billed Annually – $6.49 per month – $77.99 total

This VPN’s performance is one of the best things it has going for it. Testing with common servers shows that it is only 18% slower than without a VPN active. The user interface also provides a large amount of functionality without being cluttered. IPVanish does not do any logging of it’s users internet activity. This means your IPVanish has no information to provide your Internet Service Provider (or ISP) if ever asked. This VPN uses a strong AES-256 encryption to ensure your information is protected.

3. NordVPN 

Compatibility of NordVPN:

    • Windows / Mac / iOS / Android

Pros of NordVPN

    • Many server options
    • Great security

Cons of NordVPN

    • Monthly billing options are expensive comparatively

Pricing of NordVPN

    • Monthly – $11.95 per month
    • 1 year – 6.99 per month – 83.88 billed annually
    • 2 years – 3.99 per month – 95.75 billed every 2 years

It is not always the case that VPNs work well with both Neflix and Torrent downloading. However this is one aspect that NordVPN excels at. The reason why Netflix bans VPNs has to do with licensing agreements for the shows differ from country to country. This means that by changing your server location in your VPN you can watch otherwise unavailable shows. To avoid these exploits Netflix is vigilant of about trying to detect VPNs and some companies aren’t up for that game of cat and mouse. One of the common usages for VPNs downloading Torrent files to obtain pirated media. Torrenting without a VPN runs the risk receiving threatening letters from their Internet Service Provider (ISP).

This company is located Panama so it is beyond the jurisdiction of most agencies. Panama is one of the few countries (others being Switzerland, Sigapore, Caymans Islands, etc) that has no laws requiring data logs to be kept on their clients. This translates to the music labels, movie studios, or ISPs having no record to trace back to your computer. Although this is less of a concern for average users at the very least it’s additional piece of mind.

4. SaferVPN 

Pros of SaferVPN

    • Fastest VPN service
    • 30 day money back guarantee.
    • 24 Hour Free Trial

Cons of SaferVPN

    • Month to month plan almost double the yearly cost
    • Session logging occurs

Pricing of SaferVPN

    • Monthly – 10.99
    • 1 year – 5.49 per month – 65.88 in total
    • 2 year – 3.29 per mont – 78.96 in total

The installation for SaferVPN is as straightforward as any Windows installation can be and the user interface for daily usage is no different. Out of the box it just works. You can switch up the different protocols if you know how to best optimize for speed but it’s not a requirement since the Automatic setting works fine for most people. Once connected there’s less than a 20% reduction from your normal speed for commonly used servers. Every VPN is bouncing your internet traffic to another location, so some slowdown is unavoidable, but this is better than average speeds. On a fast connection you may not notice a difference with basic web browsing. Their customer service also is quick and responsive through an online messaging system. Most common questions can be answered through this method, foregoing the need for a phone call.

5. CyberGhost 

Compatibility of CyberGhost:

    • Windows / Mac / iOS / Android

Pros of CyberGhost

    • Located in Romania which won’t share you data with other intelligence agencies.
    • No logging of session activity
    • 2,960 total servers with 59 countries
    • Supported on Windows, Android, Mac, iOS
    • Easy Installation and simple functionality

Cons of CyberGhost

    • Not the fastest option
    • Possibly less secure than alternatives

Pricing of CyberGhost

    • Monthly – $12.99 per month
    • 1 year – 6.49 per month –  77.88 total
    • 2 years – 3.50 per month – 84.00 total

Cyberghost is a company operating out of Romania which means that logging is of its customer’s activity is limited. Cyberghost offers a wide range of servers and locations. Many of those servers are set up specifically for streaming services like Netflix and Torrent downloading. However there are not so many automatic settings when it comes to choosing the closest (and generally the fastest) server available. This may take some trial and error for some users. This out of the box ease might discourage the less savvy. They offer major price breaks when purchasing a year or two at time. We would recommend trying it for a couple of months and if you feel up to the commitment taking advantage of the savings.


Our recommendation of NordVPN as one of the best VPNs for iOS. It provides a good blend of features, speed, usability, and security for a reasonable cost. There may be some which might edge it out a better result in one of those aspects but overall, NordVPN provides a quality product for those who want security that works consistently and easily.

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