A Plus Computer Support & Rush Tech Support Partnership

A Plus Computer Support Has Purchased a $99 Tune Up For You


What Is A Tune Up?
Process where a technician removes temporary junk files, makes the computer faster, and improves the security. Basic malware scans will be performed to make sure that it is fully updated and safe for when it goes back to you.

Who Is Rush Tech Support?
Now A Plus Computer Support customers can have repairs done remotely and businesses can get managed IT services. Due to high demand A Plus Support Customers now have the ability to have repairs done remotely as well as continual managed IT services for businesses.

How Often Do I Need One?
Microsoft recommends getting at least 3-4 PC Tune Ups each year for optimal performance.

My Computer Is Running Fine Already
Just like an oil change, a tune up is required routine maintenance. You wouldn’t wait for your car to break down before changing the oil, and this is the same idea.

I Don’t Have Time
No worries, it only takes a few minutes to get connected, and after that, you can do whatever you like. The tune up itself will take about an hour depending on the computer’s health. We can schedule a time that is good for you!

I Don’t Want To Bring It To The Store
Perfect! We do the tune up over the internet, so you can just watch TV or handle other things while our techs work on the computer.

I Already Have Anti Virus
Anti Virus is a good start, but they do not tune up the computer which requires a technician.

How Much Will This Cost?
It usually costs $99 for a tune up, but the owner of A Plus, Todd, has paid for the first one as a thank you for being a loyal customer!