Services & Products Offered

We aren’t your typical tech company. Yes, we have the unreasonable caffeine addictions, and can fix computers faster than the Geeks. 

Excellent customer service isn’t a feature, it is a GIVEN, and that is our culture. Excellent customer service, every customer, every time. 

Yes, we can fix the problems Karen in HR (AKA your previous IT person) doesn’t know how to handle. We also can show you how to lower your IT costs, improve security, and increase your bottom line with our managed services. 

That’s the difference, we aren’t just a bunch of nerds fixing computers, we are your partners and our goal is to help you be more profitable… and to stop those annoying pop ups!

Technical Support

  • English Speaking Technicians
  • Fast Repairs
  • No Stupid Questions

Server Maintenance

  • Less Downtime
  • Don’t Pay Unproductive Employees
  • Predictable Costs

Cloud & Virtualization

  • Your Company Is Always Up
  • Work From Home
  • Always Able To Access Your Files

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“I started using Rush Tech Support because my computer kept getting slower and slower. They were great at cleaning it up, and getting everything running normally. Now I just use them for maintenance so that it never gets that bad again. They have a great team, and they can log in remotely, so you don’t have to sit around waiting for an appointment. If you have anything wrong with your computer, definitely give them a shot.” – Dr. Elan Schrier, Customer since 2016