How Switching to Five9 Helped Me Grow My Business – Rush Tech

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I thought choosing a budget phone system instead of Five9 was a smart move. As a small business owner, every major decision of who to hire and which technology to use rides on my shoulders. Starting off, I thought the smaller the cost, regardless of features, the smarter the business decision. Over time, I have realized that there was one key flaw in my thinking and that is because I didn’t know “Good Service Isn’t Cheap, Cheap Service Isn’t Good”

Five9 Has An Integrated CRM That Pays For Itself

Keeping track of 100 customers was easy, I knew them all on a first name and case-by-case basis. Keeping track of 10,000 customers and having 30 employees all on the same page… not so easy. The simplicity of having all of the customer’s notes and logs in one place saves hours every day in wasted time. With employees taking less time on each customer that calls, employees can take more calls, which in turn, means I need less employees to handle the same amount of work. The extra $125 per month per line is easily made up for in the wages (and headache) saved from hiring a new employee.

Automatically Handling Call Lists From Dispositions Saves Time

I used to go through leads with a fine tooth comb. I’d have my agents manually type dispositions, then I would sort through dispositions and try to put out relevant leads. This process took about 3 hours each week. I was going to have to hire someone part time to take it off my plate. Five9 has the ability to do this automatically based on the custom disposition and keep track of our customer interaction in real time. Freeing up about 156 hours per year with that feature alone.

From the month we switched from our previous provider to Five9, our sales went up approx 15%.

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