Best IT Support In West Palm Beach

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Are you looking for quality IT Support in West Palm Beach? If you’ve found this article there’s a good chance that you are! Rush Tech Support can offer quality, personalized options if you’re in the market for a managed service provider for your business or personal computers.

If you have ever been frustrated from your experiences with tech support calls you, aren’t alone. That feeling of dread when contacting tech support can only mean you haven’t worked with Rush Tech Support before.

One of the main reasons why Rush Tech Support was founded was because the quality of IT support in West Palm Beach was so low. It was simply understood that getting your computer repaired was going to be a nightmare. We thought we could do it better and time has proven us right, much to the glee of our customers. We hoped to eliminate the “fear” out of contacting IT support in West Palm Beach. So far we’ve done just that. Fear of technology is ranked as one of the top fears of Americans (neck-and-neck with Man-made disasters) according to a study conducted by Chapman University.

So How Are We Different?

Providing solid tech support starts by having the right people for the job. Our highly skilled staff knows technology inside and out and can apply that knowledge to meet our customer’s needs. Sometimes a customer doesn’t even know what they need or how a few system changes could vastly improve their lives.

Albert Einstein said: “if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. We are able to help distill our years of experience to help explain WHY something needs to be fixed and not only that it can be fixed. Our staff of professional tech analysts has nearly 100 years of combined IT experience. This experience augments your customer service experience which our customers rave about.

Three of the top complaints most people have about support in every industry are:

1. “Customer service not empowered to help properly”

This is because the agent is following a very strict script and has next to no access to their company’s system to affect changes for the customer. This causes very customer service encounter feels like a thinly veiled apology for why they are not able to help you.

2. “Customer service unknowledgeable or poorly trained”

Our customer service agents ARE the technicians. At Rush Tech Support you’re not speaking to a middleman who then has to explain that information to someone else. They are the ones working on the computer and you are able to speak to them directly. They can explain to you exactly where they are in the process and why something is happening.

3. “Customer was given inaccurate or conflicting information”

We maintain a ticket database that is updated regularly for each customer, each repair, and each action is done on that computer, as it happens. This information then can be passed on the customer months and even years later, regardless of if they are working with a different tech.

Those who have hired Rush Tech Support for their IT support in West Palm Beach have left fantastic reviews on Facebook and Google. Our empowered, knowledgeable, and attention-to-detail minded technicians are the reason for all those glowing reviews.

What Do Our Customers Say?

Google – 4.9 Star Average

Google reviews have quickly become the gold standard. Many businesses live and die by these reviews. All it takes is a few bad ones and potential customers go to your competitor. It’s not by chance that we are holding a 4.9-star average with 134 reviews (as of 1/20/20), many of which were also left by individuals looking for the best IT Support in West Palm Beach.

Facebook – 4.8 Star Average

Facebook changed its algorithm a while back for collecting reviews but we’re still the best option for IT Support in West Palm Beach. They used to have a star count to represent how much customers enjoyed their experience with a company. Now, it goes based off of recommendations from clients.

Rush Tech Support currently has the most reviews from happy customers on Facebook with 104 recommendations. The star system is outdated but still, we hold the #1 spot with 104 (as of 1/20/20).

Our rating from the past was 4.8 * which carries over to this day.

What Do We Offer:

We offer comprehensive IT support in West Palm Beach. For both our business and commercial clients we offer RMM software (Remote Monitoring and Management). This allows us to do patch management, confirm the health status of hardware, run virus scans, remotely connect to the computer, and more seamlessly. See our previous article on RMM for more details

We also have stand-alone repair and security packages for those looking for more ala-carte pricing. Rush Tech Support is a comprehensive solution for any IT support in West Palm Beach.


Rush Tech Support’s combination of attributes has helped it defy common industry problems. We employ great people who are highly skilled, personable, and empowered to resolve your computer issues. We make use of multiple channels of communication such as email, phone, and chat boxes to make sure we’re in contact with you every step of the repair. Our technicians are able to translate confusing computer jargon into information anyone can understand. We have been promoting this family atmosphere with our customers for the last 5 years and hope to include you soon.

If you’re unwilling to settle for anything but the best IT Support in West Palm Beach call Rush Tech Support today at 844-880-7874!

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