How An IT Help Desk Can Assist

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When dealing with all the troubles of technology, many do not know how much an IT help desk can assist them. Rush Tech Support has the training to deal with a wide range of computer issues and if it’s fixable, we can fix it. Hardware issues aside the Rush Tech Support IT help desk can troubleshoot the various glitches, virus infections, setting issues, and other problems that seem to plague your daily computer use.

Let’s go over 5 major ways that the Rush IT help desk regularly assists customers:

Maintaining Computer Speed

Ever notice how a computer never seems to run as well as it did in the first few weeks of purchase? What exactly causes that slowdown? Often times it has to do with the multitude of programs which get installed onto the machine as time goes on. These programs are often set to constantly run in the background and saps the available resources of the machine while you use it. A brand new computer has next to none of these programs installed and so your daily tasks move much more quickly. An IT help desk can discern between useful or useless programs and services to make sure you get the most out of your computer. By either disabling these programs from running in the background or uninstalling them completely you can start to reclaim its’ factory-like performance.

Although most attempt to be careful on the internet it is extremely common for malware to attach itself onto the system. This malware can come from a variety of different methods including email, websites, and attached to other downloads. An IT help desk can run malware scans and investigate potential issues by using the appropriate diagnostic tools. Once this malware is removed from the equation you may notice a significant performance increase over what you have been accustomed to.

Quick Access to the IT Help Desk

Many of our customers feel spoiled at the convenience of having the Rush Tech Support Calling Card icon on their desktop. This application is powered by Logmein Rescue and allows you to connect directly to the Rush IT help desk after filling out a few fields of pertinent information.

For our clients with RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) software, it’s even easier! Customers are able to submit work order tickets directly to us and much of the work can be done in the background without you having to give up the computer for any amount of time. Also, remote access of the machine for RMM customers is much easier. No extra work is needed on the customer’s end to get connected. Just a few clicks and we’re able to assist you with whatever the issue may be.

Remote Troubleshooting of Various Problems

Once connected we are able to control the keyboard and mouse as if we were in front of the computer. Communication with the IT help desk can be done both over the phone in conjunction with an established connection or solely through the chatbox if that’s preferable.

Much of tech support in the past was done either in person, with the technician charging by the hour to be in your home, or by lugging your computer down to a traditional brick and mortar store. With remote troubleshooting, the Rush IT help desk is able to assist you without needing to schedule an appointment or the risky proposition of bringing the computer in. Many hard drives have been broken by a bumpy car ride to the store to get diagnosed.

An internet connection is all that’s required to get the help you need fast!

Comprehensive Solutions

There are several lines of protection that are commonly agreed upon in the tech community. The first is an antivirus and is probably the most commonly known type of protection. Many may believe that’s all that needed to stay safe on the internet. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are another piece of the puzzle that many consider being a requirement. VPNs are able to mask your internet activity and make you a more difficult target for hackers to investigate. Also cloud backup is extremely important for the integrity of your computer experience. A cloud backup sends a copy of your important files to an offsite backup. This helps guard you against potential hardware failure or natural disasters.

However more important than any software is having a team of professionals maintaining the computer and offering guidance. Our extensive knowledge as an IT help desk can advise you on how best to handle your computer needs and curate which software is right for you.

Extensive Hours

Many IT help desks operate during normal 9 to 5 business hours. This means that while you’re working, they’re working and unless you want to take time off there’s very little overlap. If you want someone to come to your house that generally means calling the technician, attempting to schedule an appointment, and then fitting your schedule into their availability. God forbid it’s an emergency. IF they are able to fit you in, you’re very likely to pay a high markup for the rush fee or after-hours repair.

However, the Rush Tech Support IT help desk is open 8am – 12am (EST) Monday through Friday and 8 am to 8 pm on the weekends. Our schedule is able to work with almost everyone’s schedule so our repair doesn’t need to conflict with when you need to use the computer


Having the support you need, available when you need it, offers an unprecedented degree of peace of mind. You can rest assured that a random error message isn’t going to derail your work schedule or clarify if some annoying popup isn’t something more serious. If you aren’t already part of the Rush family or it’s been a while since your last tune-up, give us a call at 844-880-7874 and we’d be happy to help.

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