How To Troubleshoot A Blue Screen

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Have you ever been working on your machine only to be met with the dreaded blue screen? You are not alone. It’s maddening, and yet, the blue screen that appears on a Microsoft Windows operating system can be a mystery.

While some blue screens occur without evident cause, it’s easier to isolate the cause and troubleshoot others. It may be difficult to find the root of the cause, but users typically ask us what actually is a blue screen error, and what are some common causes and remedies?

Generally speaking, a blue screen error occurs when Microsoft Windows encounters something causing instability, and it makes it unable to continue running. The blue screen error can occur during different phases of running Windows such as during Windows installation, boot-up, run-time, or when Windows is shutting down.

The blue screen error message typically includes diagnostics information and hints as to what went wrong, but usually can only be translated by a tech analyst at Rush Tech Support. Reading it alone can be informative, but the data can also be seen as muddled.

A simple way to trouble shoot is to copy and paste error details into an internet search engine to see what other people have done to fix the problem and what are the cause of alike blue screen errors.

The beauty of technology troubleshooting is that several other people at one time or another have encountered the same error and posted troubleshooting solutions for it. In a pinch, Google is an excellent place to start the troubleshooting process.

Some blue screen errors occur and the computer may continue working fine afterward.

If this is the case, it might still be in one’s interest to figure out the cause; the error could flag a looming catastrophe which when finally occurs could set back business operations or normal daily tasks. The level of urgency really depends on what the computer is being used for. Some computers are used only for casual Internet surfing or other tasks with a relatively low priority and nothing more.

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