Protect Your Office Computer With These 3 Steps

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Do you know if your data is safe? If you use your employer’s property (ie: laptop, PC), your personal data is legally their data, so it is always advised to use sensitive data on private machines. However, if you have some files you need to transfer, it is important to know how to protect your office computer and maintain the privacy of the data in the system they use. The reason it is important to protect your office computer isn’t only to safeguard your personal information. The other reason this is so important is that when your organization’s users users exercise due diligence, the company can eliminate online threats that may compromise the data they hold.

Here are a few tips that users can consider adopting to protect their office computers from threats that can affect your security:

1. Back Up Important Files Weekly

Technology is truly fickle when it comes to its functionality. Some days, there can be a virus attack or some type of glitch that can keep you off of your machine for an entire day, and no one will know why. You may click on a phishing link and all of a sudden your entire computer goes blank, and you lost the project you were working on at work. You can never plan any of these issues to happen, but you can plan to protect your files regularly through back ups.

We also recommend to backup your data in multiple locations, and there are several options you can consider including flash drives or cloud storage. Frequent backup of the information on your office computer will prevent loss of information in the event of an unexpected eventuality. If you have any questions about where to backup your data, contact a Rush Tech Support analyst today and we can help guide you to the option that would be best for you.

2. Observe The Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP)

The principle of least privilege (PoLP) is an important concept in computer security, promoting minimal user profile privileges on computers, based on users’ job necessities. Accessing computers with administrator rights is not the best idea because high-privilege account exposes you to several threats that can affect your systems. For example, when you log in to an unsecured site with a computer that uses administrator rights your computer may suffer severe damage including the loss of files and reformatting of the hard drive.

Additionally, any website that is marked as unsafe may create a new user account with administrative access that may lock you out. Therefore, only opt for administrator right systems when there is a need to do so and while you are at it follow the necessary procedures for security purposes.

3. Update Your Software Regularly

Updating your office computer software from time to time is not an option. As such, you need to watch out for the latest service packs and patches that will enhance the security of your software. You can also consider third-party security software that gives you alerts when your current solution is out of date for you to act accordingly. If you need more information on tips for protecting your office computer, call Rush Tech Support today at 844-881-7874 or +18448817874 .

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