The Best Browsers of 2020

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Choosing the best brow0sers in 2020 can be complicated but knowing your priorities can help with the process. Web browsers have come a long way since Netscape and Internet Explorer ruled the roost. Do you value customizability more important than speed? Is speed your priority regardless of any other features? Are you indifferent to all the bells and whistles and value reliability above all else? In this article, we’ll try to pin down the best browsers in 2020 for you.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox has dropped in popularity in the last few years. Many were loyal to this open-source project but migrated to Chrome once it began to improve. A lack of innovation in Firefox was another reason for this mass migration. But maybe that sentiment should change?

Recent updates to Firefox has seen a large performance has improved. These improvements are so large in fact that it should still be in the conversation as among the best browsers in 2020. The Firefox Quantum update is what re-tuned this browser’s code. It now has loading speeds more comparable to Chrome for a majority of websites. Firefox does handle RAM usage much effectively than Chrome, however. One of the main drawbacks of Chrome how much of your system’s resources that it uses. Firefox is more mindful of its resource usage while delivering similar performance.

Firefox is free and open-source software. This means that it is dependent on the community of volunteer programmers for development. This comes with a few drawbacks but not requiring a profit is a strength. Firefox is focused on protecting your data and blocking tracking cookies since that information isn’t going to be sold to advertisers. Google is one of those companies which make their living on ad revenue and user data.

+ Fast
+ Runs well on older machines
+ Privacy-focused

Google Chrome

Chrome is Google’s take on the open-source Chromium project. Chrome’s install numbers are continuing to rise is the world’s most popular browser. Let’s go over some of the reasons for its a success:

As mentioned in one of our last articles Chrome we went over some of the best extension available: Read More

The ease in which you can download new extensions ensures that Chrome can be modified for your individual needs. There is a wide range of options for extensions in the Chrome Store and even more are being developed daily. Chrome has parental controls that can be used to limit website access which is useful in a business environment and also for those with children.

The major problem with Chrome is its extensive resource usage. Chrome will load webpages fast and it’s known for that speed. However, on older hardware, it will quickly become obvious that Chrome is running. It flat out is a resource hog. Multitasking with several tabs on older machines is not suggested. It is not unheard of for Google Chrome to quickly use 1 gigabyte of RAM with only one or two tabs open.

It is also worth mentioning that Google is a data broker. They make their money off tracking and selling user activity. Although they claim a degree of anonymity with their user’s browsing data, some still might not trust it. Very few of us have the law degrees required to go through that user agreement with a fine-tooth comb. Even with those drawbacks, Chrome is still one of the best browsers in 2020.

+ Fast performance
+ Very Expandable
– Resource intensive


Opera is a fantastic option as a secondary browser even if you are unwilling to make full migration to it. This browser has a unique “Turbo” feature. The Turbo feature compresses your internet traffic, bounces it over to Opera’s servers, and then back to you. This feature speeds up loading and limits data usage when you are connected to your standard 4G cell phone network or if your home internet isn’t the fastest. It can also help if your Internet Service Provider has put restrictions on your ability to access certain websites.

When dealing with any secure sites this feature will turn off. This is so sensitive credentials can’t be intercepted during the transfer process back and forth. It also has a built-in ad-blocker and a battery-saving mode which many might find helpful when using their laptop or cellphone on the go. Opera has been around for a long time and is still innovating as one of the best browsers in 2020.

+ Turbo mode
+ Built-in Adblocker
– Fewer plugins available


Vivaldi has chosen a different development route than many other browsers. Rather than trying to edge out the absolute fastest load times and lowest system resource usage the other big names, they decided to focus on customizability.

It is worth mentioning that Vivaldi is built on the Chromium platform. Chromium is also what Google Chrome uses and so you can expect the same solid foundation. It’s format options however are much more open-ended than Chrome.

You are able to change if your tabs are stacked horizontally or vertically. Plenty of colors and themes. Vivaldi has a built-in note-taking system. Since it is built on Chromium the Chrome Web Store and those extensions are also available. All these extensions can add additional layers of customizable options. Vivaldi is one of the newest browsers to make the list of best browsers in 2020 but brings plenty to the table. If you feel stuck on Chrome because you’re comfortable with certain extensions this will be a smoother transition than most.

+ Very customizable
+ Interesting interface options
– Faster browsers are available


In conclusion, you can stick with Chrome if you’re currently using it and you’re comfortable. It’s not a fine choice. If your computer is older or you want better performance while multitasking Firefox is a better option for you. When you’re on the go or have a data cap consider giving Opera a try. But if you’re the creative type or looking for a change Vivaldi is worth investigating.

If you have any issues or questions about your web browsers feel free to give Rush Tech Support a call at 844-881-7874.

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