What IT Solutions Are Near Me

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You may be asking “what IT solutions are near me”? However a better question might be, what are the best IT solutions near you? Quality matters and it’s maybe better to drive a few extra miles than deal with a substandard business that happens to be closer. It can save you hundreds in the long run.

Let’s go over some of the reasons why you should consider Rush Tech Support instead of simply typing into Google: IT solutions near me.

We Are The Best Reviewed

Google – 4.9 Star Average

Google reviews have quickly become the gold standard for all businesses. Many businesses have lived and died by these reviews. All it takes is a few bad reviews and an unknowable amount of potential customers choose to go to your competitor instead. It’s not by chance that that Rush Tech Support is currently holding a 4.9-star average with 134 reviews (as of 2/11/20), many of which were also left by individuals who agree that “Rush Tech Support is one of the best IT solutions near me”.

Facebook – 4.8 Star Average

Although this company has changed its algorithm quite a while ago for collecting reviews however we’re still clearly one of the best IT solutions near you. Facebook used to also have a star count system to represent how much a customer enjoyed their experience with a company. Currently, they are simply going based on recommendations from clients.

Rush Tech Support currently has some of the most reviews from happy customers on Facebook for any IT solutions near me or you. Although the star system is a vestige of times gone by we still hold the #1 spot with 111 (as of 2/11/20).

Our rating from the past has the evergreen score of 4.8 * which carries on to this day.

Instant Access to Help

The convenience of having the Rush Tech Support Calling Card icon on their desktop is a perk that our current customers rave about. This application is provided by Logmein Rescue and allows our customers to connect directly to one of the best IT solutions near you or me. After filling out a required few fields (so we understand the problem properly) you show up on every technician’s screen as an incoming session.

Our clients who are currently using our RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management), powered by Syncro, it couldn’t be easier! These customers are able to directly submit work order tickets and most of the work can be done in the background while you use the computer. Traditional IT solutions near me or you would require that you have to give up the computer for some indeterminate amount of time. Remote access to the machine, if needed, requires no additional steps for RMM customers. If the customer needs assistance with something and they want to watch, after a few clicks we’re able to see what you see. We can then share control of the keyboard and mouse as if we’re sitting next to you.

Skilled in Virus, Malware, Adware and Spyware Problems

Technology is a useful tool to connect people across distances. Either for business purposes or personal the internet has become an irreplaceable tool in our lives. This openness can, unfortunately, become exploited by viruses and bugs while using the internet. These threats can be anything from minor inconveniences to our work with invasive pop up ads or to completely locking up the system. The stealing of social security numbers is always in vogue and hacking our credit cards never goes out of style.

Any of these security threats can ruin your financial, social, and professional lives. In this ever-growing field of hacking, there is a lot to be concerned about. Our skilled technicians are able to detect, quarantine or completely remove a majority of possible online threats. Many measures can be “set it and forget it”. That means that your online security doesn’t require much daily interaction but gives you the peace of mind needed to go about your business. With the proper plans in place and a team of professionals behind you, you can almost completely eliminate potential security vulnerabilities. Issues caused by virus, malware, spyware, adware, can become a thing that happens to other people. Picking Rush Tech Support as your IT solutions near me and you is how that becomes a reality.

All-Encompassing Solutions

We offer technical support plans which include all service for an annual or monthly fee. Some choose to use it weekly, some once or twice a month. However, you don’t have to worry about shelling out more money each time a problem occurs. Minor issues that may bother you but are not catastrophic enough to pay hundreds of dollars, oftentimes don’t get solved. But when these types of repairs are included in what has already paid your computer experience can be as smooth as possible. Hourly rates for in-home technicians can be outrageous and also intrusive. Paying for assistance and protection monthly or yearly helps many of our customers budget better and save money in the long run.

Regular Computer Maintenance

Your computer is a machine which needs to be tended to from time to time. Just like your car needs a tune-up or oil change your computer is no different than other mechanical marvels. The sluggishness you’re feeling might be due to failing hardware, low memory on the hard drive, a virus or malware actively hogging resources, or another issue we at Rush Tech Support can resolve. Doing regular computer maintenance stops potentially system ending problems before they happen.


Finding “what IT solutions are near me” shouldn’t be all that hard. There’s plenty of people who like to work on computers and have chosen to do it for a living. However, instead, a better question to ask yourself is: “what is the best IT solutions near me”. If you are in Palm Beach County, Rush Tech Support should be on top of your list. If you have any computer-related questions or concerns give us a call at 844-880-7874 and one of our skilled technicians would be happy to assist.

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