Windows 10 Users – 4 New Wormable Flaws That Need Patching and How To Do It Yourself!

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Microsoft has identified 4 major “wormable” flaws in the Windows 10 operating system that requires immediate patching. This malware can go from one device to the next without needing permission from the user or host.

These vulnerabilities were discovered a few days ago in the testing facility and affect all users of the Windows 10 operating system. Two of the flaws transcend older operating systems as well, but the two main ones were Windows 10. These steps can be used to protect yourself from not only the wormable flaws, but are good practice for protection in general as well.

Users of the operating system can mitigate these risks by taking these 4 important steps

1. Update Windows

If you click the windows button in the bottom left corner of the screen and type “check for updates” you can see if your computer has the most up to date version of windows patched and installed. Reboot the computer when this has finished. This is the most important step of the process, the rest are to make sure that you haven’t been infected or affected by the vulnerability.

2. Update your Antivirus Definitions

Keeping your anti virus up to date is one of the best ways to keep out infections, and intruders. If you locate your AV in the show hidden icons section of the screen, hover over your antivirus, right click and update the definitions and software.

Run a quick scan to make sure that there aren’t any glaring issues located on the system. A full scan can also be performed to really make sure there aren’t any issues, but usually, isn’t worth the extra time. Perhaps running when you know you won’t need to use the computer for a few hours.

3. Clean Temporary Files

Using software like CCleaner to remove temporary internet files and performing a basic tune up is a relatively easy process you can run to help the longevity of the computer. Do not handle the registry or startup items without a pro (feel free to call us 844-880-7874) as critical issues can arise from doing it incorrectly.

4. Run A Malware Scan

You can run free software like Malwarebytes to get a second opinion on your first AV scan. Safe is better than sorry, and MBAM is definitely a great piece of software used by many pros to detect malware on a system.

What If You Aren’t Tech Savvy?

If these steps are a little beyond your comfort zone, we are offering free patching all week at Rush Tech Support to help people avoid these issues. Microsoft may have issues, and we are always here to help bridge the gap for the computer illiterate.

Call 844-880-7874 and ask for a “Windows 10 Wormhole Tune Up” and our certified technicians will work to get your computer in tip top shape. The process is relatively simple

Call 844-880-7874 (RUSH)

Ask for a “Windows 10 Wormhole Tune Up”

Your tech will give you a 6 digit code: Go to

Sit back and let the technicians do the work for you. You will have full control and see everything that the technician does.

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