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I was having issues with my PC. My Facebook games kept crashing in Chrome. I thought I had to take it to the shop for expensive repairs! Rush Tech Support was fast, inexpensive, and got my games were working in no time!


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Many PC users experience issues with Facebook games crashing in Chrome. Usually, these issues are related to malicious extensions embedded in the browser or malware on the computer. It is fairly complicated fixing all of the underlying issues. A lot of times these can be traced to Shockwave Flash Player errors or system file corruption. Sometimes, these errors will happen once in a blue moon out of no where. Usually, those are simple issues that a quick anti virus scan will fix. If you constantly have Facebook games crashing in Chrome, you may have a deeper infection. This is especially true if you are experiencing pop ups or slow performance. If you aren’t too familiar with extensions or Shockwave Flash Player, then fixing these issues on your own isn’t recommended. A lot of times, users will try fixing the issue on their own, only to find the computer in worse shape than when it started. Our service is perfect for the “Computer Illiterate” who just wants the computer to work so they can play Facebook games without it crashing or getting errors. As a general rule of thumb: If your Facebook games are crashing in Chrome, get a professional to fix it. There are a lot of fake programs out there that will claim to repair Chrome problems, but in reality, will make things worse. There isn’t a software available on the market that can 100% fix Facebook issues in Chrome because the settings need to be altered manually. By a human! Get an expert. Call 844-880-7874 or click on the Fix My Computer button above.

We are not in any way affiliated with Facebook or Chrome, we just employ the experts at fixing them.