Instructions For Full Onboarding

Instructions: You can use the calendar below to see technician availability to onboard your accountant. THIS IS NOT FOR WISPS – ONLY FULL ONBOARDING. NEVER USE THIS FOR WISP INTAKE. If the customer only purchased a WISP skip this calendar go straight to sales sheet. If full onboarding AND WISP – use the calendar to schedule the full onboarding.

If the customer did not purchase a full accountant onboarding, skip the calendar and go directly to the sales sheet.

If this is an accountant full onboarding, schedule the onboarding using the calendar below THEN go to the sales sheet and fill it out as you normally would. This lets you see the technician availability before finishing the sale. If you want to start onboarding immediately, talk to tech manager first to see if there is availability. If there is availability to do it right now, then skip the calendar.

Scenarios & Answers:

What if they only purchased onboarding and no WISP – Schedule onboarding

What if they purchased full package WISP and onboarding – Schedule onboarding

What if they want to start now – Talk to tech manager to make sure they can start now, if not you’ll need to schedule onboarding. If they can start the onboarding now – then skip the schedule.

What if the time they want isn’t available? Try to find another time that is available. You can talk to tech manager to see if arrangements can be made – but try to keep it within what the calendar says.

What if it is an existing Rush customer and all they did was renew? Go to Sales Sheet

What if it is an accountant but they bought tech support and not a full onboarding? Go to sales sheet.

What if they bought some random stuff that isn’t a full onboarding, but we need to schedule a technician to do the work at a later date – talk to tech manager. He will schedule in the tech’s calendar.

What if they bought a WISP only, but need to schedule a future date for the intake? You should try to do this right when they buy the WISP. If it needs to be done in the future, try to schedule with another salesman to do the intake or do it in your own calendar. There is opportunity after a WISP only sale to upsell, even if they explicitly say they don’t want it.

What if I did a sales sheet before scheduling the full onboarding? You can come back to this page and schedule. Hopefully, there is tech availability at the time you promised. You don’t need to make a second sales sheet.