Up Your Laptop Game: 5 Traits for a High-Performing Machine

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Rush Tech Support receives a lot of calls from users experiencing slow performance from their laptops. The two main questions that our customers are concerned with are “Why is my laptop running so slow?” and “What laptop should I buy?”. Luckily for you, you will no longer need to ask those questions as we dive into 5 key traits to look for in high performance laptops.

1. Portability is Key

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to laptops. Most displays can range from 14” to 17.3”, but you should ask yourself: How will the size of my laptop’s display benefit me? A bigger display is cool and gives you street cred, and you’ll have an easier time looking at the screen from a distance; however if portability is important to you, then the balance is well set in the 15.6” range. A laptop of that size gives just enough display to have everything you need at a nice resolution without losing the HD ability. We call that a win-win!

2. Hard Drives

A Hard Drive or HDD is a critical component to your laptop’s performance. Without it, your laptop is simply a clunk of metal. Hard drives are device that stores your files and programs, and the more files and programs you need, the bigger your hard drive needs to be. Hard Drives have set read speeds; most laptop drives come with 5400rpm (revolutions per minute), but you may be able to purchase a more powerful 7200rpm HDD. Although the difference in transfer time may only be a few additional seconds, while transferring large files it translates to a minute or two. When you are in a rush and need your important files to transfer to your machine, minutes feel like hours. The best part about choosing a hard drive is that you can choose the highest performing HDD (5400rpm) now and worry about upgrading it later. Laptop hard drives are very easily interchangeable and require little expertise to replace. Bigger is better when it comes to RPMs, in our opinion.

3. Anti-Glare or Non Reflective Displays

Most laptops recently released come with Anti-Glare or Non Reflective coatings on the glass. The purpose of this option is to provide additional security as well as help your poor eyes when using your machine outside the office. Not sure if your laptop has this feature? Test it out for yourself! Take your machine outside; if inside light reflects off the screen, you don’t have it.

4. Random Access Memory aka RAM

Our next product used to boost your machine to high-performing heights is a RAM (Random Access Memory). A RAM serves as the main memory available to run programs; however, this is not used to save them. Computers depend on RAM to run both applications and processes. Depending on how sophisticated the applications are or the number of processes being run at the same time, the more RAM you will need. The amount of RAM for one user may not be the same for another, so it requires some self-evaluation to determine what you need. If you tend to have a multitude of tabs, programs, and apps open at once, our recommendation would be 6GB or more. If you’re more of a one task at a time kind of person, 4GB would be the minimum. Luckily, RAM is just as interchangeable as Hard Drives, so if you do not want to upgrade your RAM now, you don’t have to do that right now.

5. Processors

You can’t have a high-functioning piece of software without a processor. Processors process data and commands you execute – but you could have guessed that from the name. The faster the processor, the faster the computer reacts – so long as the other parts of the machine (ie: software, apps, etc) can keep up. Processors clock speeds and cache are important when looking for a good laptop. The most important piece of advice is to get the strongest processor you can because, unlike RAM and HDDs, you will have a hard time replacing a processor. Although nicer processors mean more expenses, this will help your laptop last longer. We also recommend looking at your warranty options as well, because processors can be damaged by user errors such as dropping a laptop, or spilling water on the keyboards. If you do not have a warranty to protect you, your fancy processor was a waste.

Interested in seeing if you are due to upgrade your laptop? Call one of our technicians today to go over the overall health of your machine. We can provide you options to purchase, ideas on how to enhance your performance, and everything in between. Call Rush Tech Support to get your best laptop options today at (844) 881-7874 or +18448817874 

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