Android Vs iOS – Pros and Cons

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For many of us our cell phones are a large part of our day to day lives. For better or for worse the technology is here to stay. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to purchase any new phone which is not considered a “smart phone”. We will investigate the pros and cons of Android vs iOS.

Android Pros

    • Customizable 

      There are many applications and settings tweaks to make sure that your phone looks and feels the way you want it to.

    • Affordability 

      Samsung and LG for example offer several budget options for new phones.

    • Wide Range of Options

      There are several manufacturers which produce Android compatible devices with various performance capabilities and price points.

    • Wider Range of Free Apps

      Many app developers offer free apps to enhance Android’s capabilities. They may include ads or there are some restrictions of features but this allows you to try before you buy.

    • Expandable Storage

      In addition to the amount of storage that the phone comes by default, external storage is also available. Options exist for up 512 GB external storage on a single SD card. These SD cards can then later be easily swapped out or moved to other devices.

Android’s Cons

    • More Malware 

      One of the downsides of Android’s openness is that it allows for more a higher possibility of exploits. Although malicious software for mobile devices is not extremely common, it’s almost non-existent on iOS devices. There is software to protect against these threats, but just like anything with an operating system, there are opportunities for hackers.

    • Inconsistent Experience Across Devices 

      Your old Android phone may look similar to your new one but it probably won’t look exactly the same. Software updates will move around menu options and different manufacturers want different appearances.

  • Scattered Support

    Want to fix or change something on your Android phone? Then it’s time to go through forum posts, blogs, and YouTube videos to research how. Obviously, our customers wouldn’t need to go through that hassle, but it is definitely a downfall for those who do not have support.

    Want help on your Apple device? We can also assist you with Apple devices remotely, however, there is also the option to walk into an Apple Store and ask someone in a uniform who is also trained to assist you.

    For more savvy users this may not be an issue or even enjoyable but for many it’s a nuisance.

Apple Pros

    • Integration

       The hardware and the software are maintained solely by Apple. This means that everything will run consistently and seamlessly on that device. Why? Because it was designed and test to.

    • Monitored App Store

       The App Store on Apple devices is much more restricted and monitored. In addition the capabilities of 3rd party apps are restricted as well. The trade off is however is that the threat of malware is almost zero.

  • User Friendly

    iOS has a familiar interface that hasn’t gone under many aesthetic changes in the past couple years. Because of this, many who have owned the phones before are accustomed to getting where they need to go. While different version do get released, many of the user functions are essentially the same as their older models without changing to drastically version x to version y.

Apple Cons

    • No expandable storage

      The amount of storage you have when you bought the phone will never change. When considering a new phone this also means that you may have to pay several hundred dollars more to get the storage space that you will require in the future.

    • Walled-Garden

      iOS and the Applications which run within it are extremely limited with how they handle information. This may not be a problem for you as a user but if you run into that wall the restrictions will become very apparent.

  • Limited customization 

    An iPhone works like an iPhone. You pick up your friend’s and it works the same way yours does. Maybe they have a different lockscreen or case but that’s pretty much will be where the differences begin and end. Whereas an Android will give a lot more power to the end user to play around with a look & feel they want.

While there is not right or wrong choice, many of the pros and cons of Android vs iOS can be summarized by how deep you want to go. “Nerds” (ahem) tend to prefer the customization of an Android, while many people who want a great, familiar experience prefer iOS.

Whichever you decide, do what is best for you. Many Android users switch to iOS and never look back. At the same time, iOS users can have the same exact experience.

As always, you can call Rush to help you with any issues you may have at 844-880-7874 (RUSH) and we can help you decide which is best for you.

Which do you prefer?

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