3 Tips For Safely Recycling Old Technology

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We have heard about working on our carbon footprint, but for some people, it simply is too time consuming. When it comes to recycling old technology, it at times feels like letting the computers pile up in the basement would be better than accidentally disposing of the technology improperly. This is especially true for people who have hard drives with invaluable files on their old computers. We don’t want to risk losing our data, and we also don’t want to risk improperly disposing of our technology for someone to steal. Some cities require special handling of e-waste, including New York City where it’s illegal to just throw it out in the trash. However, for South Florida and for most of the United States, there is still little regulation around the 9.4 million tons of electronics thrown out annually. It’s been said that only about a quarter of this technology is recycled. 

Whether your city regulates e-waste recycling or not, it is in your best interest to recycle technology properly. This is to protect your personal data, be able to sell your technology for its full value, and to protect and preserve natural resources.

How can you do prepare your technology for successful recycling? Follow these tips:

1. Protect Sensitive Data

Completely transferring and deleting sensitive data is an intimidating process, but necessary to do before you resell or recycle your technology. The good news is there are professionals available that can destroy your data and give you a Certificate of Data Destruction for added assurance.

If you use a machine that is owned by the organization you work for, it’s important to understand that resetting a devices to factory settings does not guarantee that the information has been completely erased from the device. You should speak with your organizer as there may be rules regarding your machine and sensitive data transfer, but it should be wise to keep your sensitive data for your own private machines.

To protect your sensitive data successfully, call us at Rush Tech Support to speak with one of our analysts to help you protect your data today at 844-881-7874 or +18448817874 .

2. Find the Closest e-Waste Recycling Center

You can find the closest e-waste recycling center by zip code (anywhere in the U.S.) using an interactive map developed by DirecTVDeals.com. There are also several free e-recycling services at Staples Recycling. Staples will securely recycle your unwanted technology, regardless of brand, condition, or if you purchased it elsewhere, for free!

3. Call Rush Tech Support To Guide You Through These Steps!

To take the hassle out of recycling your technology properly, call us at Rush Tech Support. Our analysts can work with you to protect yourself and prepare your machine for a safe disposal. Recycling your old technology is a great way to protect yourself and help the environment, and can be completed in very little time.

To protect your sensitive data successfully and prepare for selling or recycling your old technology, call us at Rush Tech Support to speak with one of our analysts to help you protect your data today at 844-881-7874 or +18448817874 .

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