5 Reasons To Use Rush for IT Services

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There are many people who offer tech support solution but we will go over 5 reasons to use Rush for IT services. Whether you have a business or a residential customer, if you have 1 computer or 100, we are equipped to handle any IT services you require. What exactly makes us well suited to handle such a wide range of customers?

1. Proactive RMM (Remote Management and Monitoring) Software

Cyber threats are always evolving and changing. As old exploits get patched or repaired new ones are found and taken advantage of. Even being a few months behind the curve with cybersecurity could mean that client information is vulnerable. Almost everyday news comes out about the latest threats and how to prevent them. Who has time to keep up with that flood of information? It’s your company’s responsibility to protect their clients’ information. It’s our job to help you do that with our expertise in IT services.

How Can RMM Help?

RMM software is installed onto a customer’s computer easily by running a small installation file on the device. This type of software can work on workstations, servers, and even mobile devices.

Once the software is installed the data about the status of the device will be sent back to the RMM software. From there Rush Tech Support can interpret exactly what’s happening with the device. Anything from the device’s hardware health, installed programs, current activity, and more. Because of this abundance of information, we are able to get an accurate view of exactly what’s happening on our customer’s networks. With this information in hand, we can monitor the healthy machines for possible problems, repair the machines that need it, and perform patch management across the whole network as needed. This functionality, MSPs can stay ahead of possible issues and resolve them remotely. Rush Tech Support can offer the best IT services tailored to each of our customer’s specific needs and requests because we use the best software.

Through this Remote Monitoring and Management software, we are able to avoid troublesome software patches while deploying the needed ones, configure the customer’s software seamlessly, and deal with a host of other problems before they even happen. This is done by keeping the OS up to date, making sure the latest antivirus definitions are installed and backing up the hard disks to the cloud. RMM software makes Rush IT Services more powerful than any single technician could ever hope to be.

2. Preventing Malware

It is always important to have your antivirus definitions as up to date as possible. Many antivirus software requires you to manually go into their menus and choose to check for updates. Some of the best antivirus software is updated almost daily and so this becomes a daunting task. Rush Tech Support’s IT Services would be able to do this process seamlessly using RMM software. Webroot and Stopzilla have been able to stop some of the worst malware released and we make sure they’re as current as possible.

3. Backup Crucial Files

Another great thing about the cloud is that all of your data is backed up remotely. If you accidentally delete something it’s not gone forever because the backup remains in the cloud. If the hard drive fails it’s not the catastrophic or crippling issue. There’s a cloud back up of that information. You can sleep easy that a great company is managing your data so it’s available when you need it. Using the cloud backup is very easy and although it might seem scary at first, most get used to quickly. It is a great option for people that do not have a very good knowledge of computers or data and needs a much more simple way of accessing their data.

4. Avoid Expensive Downtime

When a company is in the habit of only band-aiding it’s IT infrastructure, long term issues down the road are extremely likely. A lack of security or subpar computer performance for your team is unacceptable. The saved time comes from snappy responding to computers and no downtime from your infrastructure. Remaining stable translates directly into more money. A customer may choose to go to your competitor while your system is down. Rush Tech Support’s IT services can make sure you do what you do best instead of trying to fix what you barely know.

5. Improve Productivity (Faster Computers)

A slow computer directly translates to slower employee performance. If your computer or server moves slower than your staff is able to work, then you’re losing money. All those lost minutes add up and translate to the poorer quality or unfinished work. Sometimes improving performance means investing in new computer systems to ensure you’re ready for the future. Sometimes it could also be as simple as running a few virus scans and removing unnecessary software. However, at some point, it might be best to make the call on buying translate hardware.

No computer lasts forever and you can’t turn a Corrolla into a Ferrari. One of the IT services Rush Tech Support offers is advising what hardware is worth the investment and give several alternatives at various price ranges. If you make the right choice with hardware purchase, you can make sure you don’t simply outgrow it a year from now. Cheaper is not always better when an underpowered machine makes you want to throw it out the window in 6 months.


With Rush Tech Support’s IT services, you can make sure that you or your company is ready for the future. We have the best tools at our disposal and offer the family-like care that thousands of customers have already come to expect. Technology is constantly changing but our values stay the same. Give Rush Tech Support a call at 844-880-7874 to see what the latest tools in our toolbox can do for you!

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