6 Quick Tips – Stop Identity Theft Before it Happens

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In today’s world, it seems like you always hear about people being a victim of identity theft. Not only has this caused an increase in cyber security, but more people are getting in touch with remote tech support to try and get to the bottom of the theft. Identity theft can destroy your credit and make your life stressful and frustrating. The good news is that there are some things you can do to help cut down on the risk of being a victim of identity theft.

Tip 1: Don’t Give Out Personal Information

The first tip to preventing identity theft is to not give out personal information. Some hackers can steal your identity by just having simple information, such as: address, birth date, and phone number. You definitely don’t want to give out important information, such as your social security number or credit card numbers. Keep in mind, many hackers will try to get your information by sending you an email or giving you a call. A good rule of thumb is if it sounds strange then it probably is. If you aren’t sure if the person calling or emailing is legitimate, then don’t give the information!

Tip 2: TrackOFF Identity Theft Protection

You want to make sure you have a good identity theft protection software, such as TrackOFF Identity Theft Protection, to help prevent people from getting your information. These types of software are especially important if you do a lot of online shopping. When purchasing items online, you have to give all your information plus credit card numbers. This software will help encrypt this information so people can’t steal it. If you are looking to purchase online, or even over the phone, make sure the company has a solid track record. If the caller seems dubious or the website looks unprofessional or weird, chances are that they aren’t real businesses and it’s a scam to get your information. If you see these things, don’t give out any information and turn them in so they can’t scam someone else.

Tip 3: Destroy Papers with Information

The next thing you can do is make sure you destroy papers that have your information on it. Even if it’s something simple, like an address or birth date, and you don’t think it’s important, make sure it gets destroyed. Some good methods are burning or shredding the papers. You want to make sure all information is completely destroyed because scammers and thieves can steal your identity with the smallest piece of information. You might think you can just throw it away but that’s not a good idea. Some thieves will dig through people’s trash while others will actually go to the dump and search for these papers.

Tip 4: Don’t Use the Same Password

A lot of people will use the same password for everything because it’s easy to remember. This isn’t a good idea because it makes it easier for a scammer. In addition, you want to make sure you make the password difficult to crack. For example, you want to add lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters. The best thing to do is mix these up so they aren’t easy to figure out. Another thing you shouldn’t do is use identifying information, such as the year you were born or your zip code. Make sure you keep the passwords somewhere that’s safe so you don’t forget them or use a password management tool.

Tip 5: Check Credit Reports

Make sure you check your credit reports at least once a year, if not more. Looking at your report will make it so you can report any incorrect information or anything that doesn’t belong. You’ll also be able to see any huge changes in your score. If any of these happen, you should call the reporting company as soon as you can. They will get supporting documents and help you reverse the damage that might’ve been done.

Tip 6: Watch Your Financial Statements

A lot of times, your financial accounts are going to be the first thing you notice when it comes to identity theft. These accounts include things like checking accounts and credit cards. You want to make sure you look at every statement because this will be the primary way to know if there are any unauthorized purchases. You’ll be able to go over it and see if anything looks weird or out of place. If it does, then call the financial institution as soon as you can so they can put a freeze on your accounts. This will make it so no more purchases can be made.

If you are concerned about being a victim of identity theft, then visit www.rushtechsupport.com today. Not only do they have strong cyber security, but they also have remote tech support reps to help you out. You want to make sure you do everything you can so you don’t have to go through this and you can prevent yourself from becoming an identity theft victim.

If you would like a free identity vulnerability scan, call 844-880-RUSH (7874) and a live technician will help you discover issues in your security online.

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