8 Easy Ways to Create a Secure Password

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There are many ways to create a secure password. Let’s face it, most people use the same password for most websites, and a weak one at that. You can test your password strength with Kaspersky or Last Pass.

  1. Do not use the same password on multiple sites. Many people use the same password because it is easier to remember. The problem is if there is one breach, you are extremely vulnerable.
  2. Use a password manager like LastPass to manage your passwords. As long as your master password is extremely secure and not used in other locations. This is your password of all passwords, make it count!
  3. Use a password generator like LastPass to create unique passwords. We know that “mary1234” (3 minutes to hack with Brute Force) is a weak password. LastPass has the ability to generate “FjFNVkew$58239^”(3261 CENTURIES) and remember it for you so you don’t need to. Most people refrain from using difficult passwords because they are… difficult. If it is difficult for you to use, then chances are, it will be difficult for someone else to use as well.
  4. Never share your password, especially if you use it on multiple websites. One breach can cripple your entire life and leave you vulnerable to identity theft and many other issues. These aren’t quick click and fix issues, they can take years to recover from.
  5. Underestimating the importance of your security is a major problem. “I don’t have anything worth stealing” is a common thought. Do remember that if someone has your email password, and the answer to a few quick questions about you they can get access to anything. Reset your password on any banking website and you are done for. Or, if you use the same password and email on a banking site, it isn’t too difficult to guess and check the accounts to see if something clicks. Again, one mistake is all it takes to completely lose everything!
  6. Use 2-Factor Authorization When Possible. Many sites can link with your cell phone and require you to enter a code before log ins can be finalized. This makes it very difficult for someone that has your password to even log in because you need to authorize that location. This is a relatively new and advanced way to protect yourself.
  7. Always use special characters !@#$%^&*( and alternate capitals / lower case. There are password dictionaries that go through commonly used words and try them in the password field. The special characters help avoid the dictionary from easily being able to find words in your password.
  8. Add unique characters to the end of your generated passwords. You can use your LastPass generated password and then add a letter to the end of what is generated. For instance, say LastPass generates a password “fjseFnvV342$g432@” which is virtually impossible to crack.However, if someone gets a hold of your LastPass password, you will have a huge problem on your hands. If you systematically add a letter or symbol to the end of each generated password you will be fully protected.Creating a secure password is one of the most important ways to keep yourself safe online. If you do shopping or banking, things like this are critical for keeping your information and identity safe.


Keeping your password safe is extremely important in this day & age. If you would like to check the security of your computer and speak with a technician for advice feel free to call us at 844-880-RUSH (7874) or join our mailing list to receive updates and tune up reminders every quarter.

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