Lawyers Need A Managed Service Provider

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Lawyers at Work

A Managed Service Provider provides the peace of mind you may currently lack. If you ask a lawyer what is one the most frustrating things they have to deal with, it’s probably going to be when their technology fails at the wrong time. Computer downtime a loss of billable hours. Many small or medium-size law firms lack dedicated IT staff. Often troubleshooting falls to whoever is the most tech-savvy employee even if they are almost never trained on how to specifically handle the problem. These lawyers or paralegals are trained in their respective roles and are very good at it. When it comes time to handle a complicated computer issue or heaven forbid a problem with the company server, they may be quickly out of their depth.

When a company is in the habit of only band-aiding it’s IT infrastructure, long term issues down the road are extremely likely. A lack of security or subpar computer performance for your team is unacceptable. Saving time with snappy responding computers and no downtime from your infrastructure remaining stable translates directly into more money. A loss of billable hours can add up quickly. A Managed Service Provider can make sure you do what you do best instead of trying to fix what you barely know.

Why Do You Need a Managed Service Provider?

The problems you might encounter as a law firm can be wide-ranging. Password issues or wifi problems on the low end but could be as extensive as the exploitation of your client’s private information. Having a Managed Service Provider for your IT issues ensures that highly trained professionals are in your corner to deal with a multitude of specialized issues.

Possible Issues

Poor Performance

A slow computer directly translates to slower employee performance. If your computer or server moves slower than you’re able to work, then you’re losing money. All those lost minutes add up and may lead to an inadequate defense for your client or hours of time which could have been better spent elsewhere. Sometimes improving performance can be investing in new systems to ensure you’re ready for the future or it could be a simple as running a few virus scans and removing unnecessary software. However, at some point it might be best to make the call on buying new hardware. Rush Tech Support is more than capable of advising what hardware is worth the investment.

Availability of Help

Have you ever went to a busy business, hoping to get work done right now, only to have to make an appointment for another day? Car mechanics are notorious for this. If your issue happens to occur during a time or a busy day the Break/Fix IT company you call might make you “wait in line”. When your car in the shop for a couple of days it’s inconvenient. When your business is dead in the water for a couple of days then it’s a nightmare.

Clients may ask to keep your services on retainer but smart companies do the same for IT services. Paying in advance ensures that you get the speedy response required in your time of need. When you choose to work with a small, one-man IT operation, your call is unlikely to be answered after normal business hours. The turn around is most likely going to be even worse if you’re a first time customer. Why should they answer their phone for you, when they’re at home with their friends or family? When you hire a properly staffed IT company their availability is much more extensive. This provides better coverage than the one or two employees some companies keep on staff during normal business hours.

Major Downtime

You need access to important information right now, not tomorrow. If your file server fails or some regularly used software decides to stop working, you may get left out in the cold when you need access the most. Attorneys are constantly dealing with deadlines and time-dependent situations. Your clients’ fates literally hang in the balance based on your ability to work. Don’t fall prey to an easily preventable IT because you haven’t hired a managed service provider.

Poor Integration

Document management and cost recovery systems need to work well. Often times software needs to work seamlessly with Adobe Creative Cloud and the Microsoft Office Suite in order to be as efficient as possible. Line of Business applications can be difficult to properly integrate into your workflow. If you lack the knowledge of IT professionals you may not even know if there is proper communication between programs until it’s too late.

Being Behind the Curve

Your client information has value to hackers and those interested in committing identity theft. For attorneys protecting client information is paramount. If you make IT security an afterthought than it’s already a problem. Cyber threats are always evolving and changing. As old exploits get patched or repaired new ones are found and taken advantage of. Even being a year behind the curve with cybersecurity could mean that client information is vulnerable. Your liable for not securing that information can be substantial. Depending on how negligent your security practices are this could even lead to disbarment.


At Rush Tech Support we understand that with technology it’s either adapt and stay on the cutting edge or risk catastrophe. Our offices are located in Hypoluxo Florida but also have extensive experience offering computer services remotely. We have supported a wide range of clientele in different businesses, especially those in the legal profession. This experience gives us a clear perspective of the technology landscape. If you would like further information as to how Rush Tech Support can help, give us a call at 844-880-7874. Our agents would be ecstatic to assist you.

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