Easily Remove the FBI Moneypak Virus

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I thought there was no way to remove the FBI moneypack virus. I called Rush because I heard from a friend they were great. Within a couple hours they somehow managed to get past the infection and fix my computer. I was so afraid of losing pictures of my family and they saved me!

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In order to remove the FBI Moneypak Virus from your computer you will need two things. 1. An Expert Technician 2. Something to do while our expert technician fixes it for you! This infection has been ranked among the worst infections in the history of computers. This is a level 10 form of “Ransomware” which essentially, like the name implies, holds the computer ransom until you pay a fine. These criminals have stolen millions of dollars from innocent people like yourself. It’s not fair! Have no fear! We’ll get remoted on to the computer and work our magic and have the computer running like new. On top of running better than before, we will put extra security on the computer to make sure these issues never happen again! It’s not fair that these crooks have infected you and we will get it resolved as soon as humanly possible. Depending on how severe the FBI Moneypack Virus is will dictate how long it will take. Traditionally, with a few taps of F8 while the computer boots, you can get into safe mode with networking and bypass the infection temporarily. The way the virus has evolved over the years is that it will take over all of the boot sectors and you will need a boot disk in order to start your computer. Buying a new computer is not a solution, and who has $500-$1500 just laying around? Plus, if it happens again, you’ll be in ruins. Make the smart decision and give us a call at 844-880-RUSH (7874) and we will remove the FBI Moneypak Virus immediately while you can sit back and relax!