It’s the Final Countdown: Windows 7 Transition

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January 14, 2020 is the end of Windows 7 & Server 2008 extended support; are you ready for the transition? Preparing for this important date will assist you in making wise decisions on whether to update or upgrade your machines and servers.

With less than a year remaining, Microsoft will no longer provide patching and updating for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 as of the 14thof January 2020. The thought of migrating to a new operating system can leave many users wide-eyed and nervous, but completing your due diligence that addresses your needs and requirements will guide you through the decision-making process.  When determining the best course of action, your focus should consider three key aspects:

1. Current Hardware Age

If your hardware was purchased recently, there is some good news! It is still serviceable, there is the possibility of upgrading the Operating System. Older hardware may not be the best investment for your money, and an inventory to determine the lifespan of your machine based on age and purpose will focus your decision if a server or computer should be replaced or upgraded.

2. Software Compatibility

The great news about Windows 7 transitioning is that it is likely a large majority of your previously installed applications and software will continue to operate in the new Operating System. This is because there were no major changes to how software and applications operate in the Windows environment. Generally speaking, and upon the confirmation of one of our expert analysts, if it ran on Windows 7 or 8, then there is a good chance that it will function on Windows 10.

3. Printer, Scanner and Camera Compatibility

Since 2015, Microsoft made it mandatory for all of their products to work with major manufacturers to ensure devices such as printers, scanners and cameras seamlessly function with the desktop and server versions of Windows. If in doubt, the website of the manufacturer will be able to provide insight as to if the peripheral device is compatible or not. Our analysts at Rush Tech Support can always be of service as well in determining the compatibility of your items with Windows 10.

Technology changes everyday, and it is challenging to keep up with the lastest in IT trends. A great way to keep up is set a realistic IT budget and plan that considers the objectives and priorities of your business paired with unbiased expert IT advice will set you apart from your competition.

If you need help with your plan or allocating your Windows 10 migration we can help. Rush Tech Support technicians can identify what needs to be upgraded and what can be updated and we will be happy to guide you on your migration. Call us today at (844) 881-7874 or +18448817874. Call us today and let us protect your business from the retirement of Windows 7 and Window Server 2008!

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