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Just give us a call @ 844-881-7874 and get connected with an experienced technician. Once we are connected, just sit back and relax while we work on your computer. Within a few hours we get your PC back in action and working like new. We will guarantee our work by giving you a 30 day warranty along with your one time fix.
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We work on hundreds of computer on a daily basis and we have over 25 thousand satisfied customers. From viruses, malware, lagging internet, network configuration, computer tutorial/training, printers, gaming issues, we can handle it all!
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All Thumbtack customers get the best discounts that we offer! Just mention the coupon code Thumbtack200 and get an instant discount of $200. That means a one time repair is only $49 with a 30 day unlimited warranty!
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Our company focuses on keeping our clients happy, especially through Thumbtack. As a professional service, we strive to make customer satisfaction our top priority. Check out all of our online reviews:


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Thumbtack Tech Support

Click the download link below and install our calling card to get connected with a technician.
Step 1 – Click the download link and save the installation (on some browsers it will save automatically to your downloads folder)
Step 2 – Open up the file click “Run” to begin the installation process.
Step 3 – Click “next” “yes” and/or “ok” until the installation is complete
Step 4 – Enter your First/last name, email address and description of problem (for description of problem please put “Thumbtack” and then give a brief description of what the current issue is i.e. Thumbtack – Slow Computer)

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