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    If you are having issues with Toshiba products, we specialize in fixing ’em!

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    We will make recommendations on how to protect your Toshiba from running into these issues again!

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    Risk Free! If you aren’t happy with your Toshiba support for the computer. Tell us! Then you get your money back. If you aren’t happy, then we aren’t happy!

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    What happens if another problem creeps up in a few weeks? No problem! We will fix it absolutely free of charge for one year! Fill out the form on the right and get the Toshiba tech support you need.

  • Identity Protection

    Do you do online banking, shopping, or pay bills on your computer? Get protection from Ransomware and Identity Theft threats on your HP computer. Stay on the cutting edge of cyber security in 2017!


Rush Tech Support specializes in Toshiba support solutions and repairs! Toshiba makes excellent machines, and they can last you for quite a long time. They are durable, reliable and tend to have a bit more horsepower than competitors. We do notice that the extra horsepower on older models tend to make them run hot, so if you notice a decrease in performance on your Toshiba laptop or desktop, call us for a free tuneup! We will run thermal diagnostics on your Toshiba computer as well as malware and virus scans to identify what is keeping your machine from tip top condition. Call us today!

Rush Tech Support recognizes that not two brands of computers are the exact same. You cannot take the same approach with one computer as you do with another. Being a specialist with Toshiba support means that we are qualified to handle these issues better than most. Call 844 880 7874 to get your computer issues taken care of.

It’s important for my work that I get the best Toshiba support. Rush Tech Support has gone above and beyond to make sure it runs like new! I have them service all of my computers with regular tune ups and they all run perfectly.

Gregory GChicago, IL

The Toshiba tech support I get from you all is amazing. I stink with computers and your techs are so knowledgeable and friendly!

Jane GKalispell, MT