What Is VPN (Virtual Private Network)

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What Is VPN?

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Your Privacy is at Risk!

What is VPN
What is VPN


We are frequently asked what is a VPN? Did you know that every time you do a search on the web via Google, Bing, or any other search engine, your inquiry will be cataloged? All around the internet companies are finding ways to target us based on the information that we are putting on the web. This is why VPN (Virtual Private Network) software is becoming increasingly more necessary to keep our information safe and hackers at bay.


What Is VPN?


A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a way that you can access the internet from a specific location, without actually being there. Many workplaces use this technology for accessing secure files that are located on their own server. Employees will be given login credentials that will essentially allow them to access files at the office, without physically being at the office.

Originally, the technology was used by big name corporations to keep their data safe. With the increasing amount of data that is available online, more and more, the home user is being targeted.

While this protection isn’t necessary for EVERYONE (although we do recommend the “better safe than sorry” approach) we have put together a list of the types of users that would benefit from using a VPN software.


When to use a VPN:


  • VOIP (Skype, Facebook Messenger etc.) – Protection from hackers that want to eavesdrop on conversations by tunneling your IP address. A VPN gives you the ability to pinpoint your very own custom location.
  • Public WiFi’s – If you have ever tried to use a public access WiFi, you will be subjected to their privacy policies. This will limit your internet access to pages like Facebook, Youtube, Gmail etc. With a VPN you would be able to bypass these restrictions by scrambling your web content and appearing virtually invisible to any network administrators.
  • Accessing private information – Believe it or not, when you are using WiFi at Starbucks or any other hotpot, your information is not encrypted. Hackers can easily access your privately sent emails as well as any sensitive data that you put on the web. Let’s say that you are at Starbucks enjoying a latte and trying to get some work done remotely. As per usual, you don’t think twice about accessing sensitive work data while on a public network. For any would-be hacker, gaining this information would be like taking candy from a baby. A VPN serves to secure your connection and make your data impervious to theft.


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  • Travelers – Airport WiFi is one of the easiest places for hackers to set up fake hot spots to entice people to connect. They simply name the hotspot “JFK Airport Hotspot” and put a bogus sign up form and your information is open for all to see. These tactics are used at crowded areas where users have time to get on their computers while waiting. No one wants to have to think twice about what wifi’s are safe and which ones we should steer clear. Using a VPN software allows you to fool the hackers into thinking you are not anywhere near their hotspots.
  • Stay localized – No matter where you are around the world you will be able to mirror a local IP address to access the same content as you would at your own home. Browse the web just like you are in the comfort of your own home. Stay abreast to what is going on at home and have all your local settings at your fingertips.
  • Video Streaming Services – Different areas have different movies, and shows on Netflix, Hulu, etc. For instance, if you connect to a VPN in Italy, you can watch a Rush Tech favorite, Rick & Morty, on Netflix. If you aren’t in the states, sadly, it isn’t available without a VPN. Take the restrictions off and have the freedom to watch your shows.
  • P2P Sharing – If you are using Popcorn Time, Kodi, or any app from an unknown source, having a VPN care ensure that your activities remain untraceable. If you share or download data using these apps, your information will be sent to your ISP and there could be serious legal ramifications. Even if you aren’t necessarily doing anything malicious, there is never a good reason to be traced with every stream/download. Luckily, downloading behind a VPN eliminates the chances of this happening.
  • Peace of Mind – Instead of wondering whether or not you have enough protection, for a few dollars, you will know that you are 100% protected. With the recent legislation that allows ISP’s  to sell consumer information to third parties, protecting your identity with a VPN has never been more crucial.
  • No matter what operating system you prefer, you are susceptible – BOTH, Apple and Microsoft have agreed to send all their user information to the government. There is no way around it, your information is out there. The same reason you shouldn’t be riding a motorcycle without a helmet, you want to make sure to get protected with the right tools!
  • You Believe Privacy is an Expectation,not a Privilege – The internet can be an amazing tool, and at the same time, big brother has found a way to make it difficult for anyone to know whether or not they are being watched. The world wide web is constantly evolving and it is an absolute necessity to stay updated on all security measures. If we fully expect not to be compromised  We believe privacy is a human right, and are offering our existing customers large discounts on TrackOFF Elite with VPN


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Hopefully after reading this post we have answered what is VPN and you understand the benefits of having one. As a thank you to all of the Rush Tech Support Customers we are offering our top of the line VPN software at a discount for this week only! Mention code TrackoffVPN77 to get an instant savings of $50. If you already have Trackoff and simply wish to upgrade, you can use the same discount code to get $75 off your purchase. Give us a call so we can give you peace of mind knowing that your computer with all your sensitive data is safe.

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