6 Ways To Protect Yourself From WannaCry Virus

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It is crucial to protect yourself from WannaCry virus and other infections. It sneaks on to a persons computer and encrypts all of the users files. After they have been encrypted, it holds the computer ransom, usually for ~$250 to get the files back. There are several ways you can protect yourself from WannaCry Virus.

1. Keep Windows Updated

The exploit primarily gets into computers by Windows not being updated. Consequently, the best way to do this is by searching for Windows Updates in the run box and updating the definitions. From this space, click Check for Updates. Windows will look through its database and make sure that your computer is protected.

After updates have been installed, turn your computer off (do not just reboot). Some updates require a full on off cycle to install. When the computer has booted back up, repeat these steps until Windows says it is up to date.

2. Keep AntiVirus Definitions Updated

In addition, it is important to have your antivirus definitions up to date. For most antivirus software, you can simply right click on the icon in your task bar and click update. Most antivirus’ in this day and age are updating every hour or so. Bitdefender has successfully protected against 100% of the WannaCry virus.

3. Keep AntiVirus Running

Just having your antivirus software installed is not enough. Ensure that it is running and active. Do not let your antivirus expire and always make sure that it is running the background. These are designed to protect against WannaCry virus.

4. Have a firewall Protecting the Network and Your Computer

Computers communicate through the internet using different ports. Some ports offer openings for data to transfer in, others transfer data out, and others transmit data both ways. Without getting too nerdy, just make sure that your antivirus also can block vulnerabilities through the use of a firewall. Again, we recommend BitDefender because it acts as a firewall as well.

5. Make Frequent Backups

Backing up your files into the cloud and on flash drives is a perfect way to protect your data. You can use software live Live Drive which constantly backs up your data every hour. You can manually move the files on to a flash drive.

The benefit to cloud based backups is that they cannot be lost or destroyed through events like theft, accident, or simply losing them. The main benefits to flash drive backups are that if your files get infected on your computer, the flash drive back ups will not be infected or encrypted. Using both methods is the best way to protect your data.

6. Do Not Open Suspicious Emails

If you receive an email from a sender you do not recognize, do not open it! The easiest way for a virus to get into your computer is through opening an attachment. This is like opening the door for a criminal and letting them into your house. It does not matter how much protection you have, opening a suspicious email is the easiest way to let a hacker or virus on to your computer. The WannaCry virus has been exploiting holes in Windows security and infecting through fake emails.

In conclusion, it is important to protect yourself from WannaCry virus. If you need assistance with protection from these issues, call 844-880-RUSH (7874) and ask for a free tune up and infection audit. We can be the first line of defense in protecting against the WannaCry virus. Do not be another statistic, stay safe!

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