Everything You Need to Know About the 3arpy3ka Virus and How to Remove It

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The invasive 3arpy3ka virus may be a click away. We’ve all had that one pop up ad reminding us that a new version of Flash Media has been detected, and we will stop at nothing to mute the incessant reminder! Wily computer hackers have tuned into our willingness to hit “yes” without second guessing, and have created pop up ads as an entrance into your personal data.

The 3arpy3ka Virus: What it is and how to detect it

What is the 3arpy3ka virus, you ask? The 3arpy3ka virus is considered a Trojan Horse within the IT community because it enters your system disguised as a tool to help. Oftentimes an ad will pop up saying that a software on your computer is due for an update. Naturally, as we all love to stay up to date with technology, we proceed to download the new updates directly from the pop up without a second thought. Typically, when you are prompted to update your software, you are redirected to that software’s website. Here’s the trick: the false add will redirect you to another freeware, and it is within that page that you will be downloading the malicious 3arpy3ka virus.

Once the 3arpy3ka virus is downloaded, it will debilitate your computer’s security system, thus giving hacker’s access to all of your computer’s information. They can manipulate the system from within. Once the virus has been downloaded, your server is subject to constant attacks.

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Capabilities of the virus:

  • It can make changes in your system settings without consent
  • It is used to collect your confidential information for cyber criminals
  • It causes programs to malfunction and random system crashes
  • It can install malware to infect your browser and redirect you to scam websites.
  • It weakens your computer security with the intention to let in more malware

The easiest way to detect the 3arpy3ka virus is with an antivirus software. Assuming that you’re able to run antivirus software and that your antivirus software is up to date, it should detect malware on your machine. Most antivirus programs will alert you once a virus has been detected, therefore, you may proceed to clean your PC.

We’ve Detected the Virus, Now What?

Once the 3arpy3ka virus has been detected, many antivirus programs will attempt to remove the malware for you. You may have to confirm with your antivirus software that you do in fact want it to address the problem. This is the best solution for most users, as removing malware on your own could be a tricky process.

Remove the virus manually:

  • Uninstall all suspicious applications & unwanted programs from your Control Panel
  • Delete suspicious and unwanted extensions from your web browser
  • Eliminate harmful registry files from the Registry Editor
  • Reset your web browsers to rid it of any hijackers and adware
  • Install an ad blocker for your browser
  • Download an antivirus software such as Rush Tech Support’s Stopzilla
  • Continue to periodically scan your system and clean up downloads

The 3arpy3ka Virus Prevention

Now that you have all the knowledge about the 3arpy3ka virus, how about we avoid viruses altogether? The best prevention (and resolution if you have a virus!) is to download an antivirus/malware software.

Prevention steps:

  • Install antivirus software
  • Keep your software up to date
  • Set up regularly scheduled scans with your software
  • Stay up to date with your operating system
  • Secure your network with a WPA or WPA2 encryption
  • Double check before you click an external link
  • Back up your files
  • Use multiple passwords

Follow these steps and you should be thoroughly protected from, and/or prepared for, the 3arpy3ka virus should you come across it. A strong antivirus software is your greatest protection against hacking & viruses. Hackers and the 3arpy3ka virus are no match against a computer that has scheduled malware scans. If you don’t know which antivirus software is right for you, that’s where we come in! For assistance choosing the right software & a fast response to all your questions, call Rush Tech Support +1 844-880-7874 today!

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