Why You Need a VPN in 2020

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You may have heard an acronym VPN or Virtual Private Network thrown around lately. But how what is VPN, how it works, what are the benefits of using one, and where can you get one?

Let’s take a closer look at how Virtual Private Networks works and the privacy protection they provide.

Why Were VPNs Created?

The internet started to gain a wide audience in the late 1990s and security on it became a priority. Antivirus became more common to protect against malware but doesn’t protect the network itself. I order to secure the network a solution was by creating an internet within the internet.

A VPN allows for multiple devices to connect to the internet in an encrypted environment. This allows those who are using the network to be able to avoid tracking by 3rd parties and limits the vulnerability caused by operating in the open internet. Using a VPN creates a private channel to the internet which helps with anonymity and privacy.

How Do VPNs Work?

VPNs are software that runs on your computer like antivirus. Your internet requests are encrypted by that software, transmitted to a secure server, and then the requests are sent to the open internet. Once the website responds back, the process happens in reverse, encrypted by the server and then decrypted by the local installation of the VPN.

The information you see on the internet remains the same but the barriers between you and the internet are increased. These additional steps do however impact your internet connection. Unfortunately, that trade-off is unavoidable but depending on your internet connection speed it may go relatively unnoticed on a fast connection.

Are VPNs Worth Using?

If privacy and security are important to you then a VPN is a requirement. Also, businesses that use important client information, especially financial information, should use a VPN as well. Identity theft is an ever-present concern and the hacking of high profile targets is always in the news. Having a VPN helps mitigate these possibilities.

A VPN ensures your information or that of your clients is secure when using public Wifi. It is very easy for hackers to set up false networks disguised as legitimate ones or gain access to public wifi hotspots which are lax on their security. While running a VPN this information is encrypted to any who may be listening.

Running a good VPN ensures your anonymity from marketers as well. Your browsing habits are harder to track, harder to market to, and your IP address isn’t tied to any specific computer. This adds an extra layer of peace of mind for those who always feel like yet another cyber threat is on the horizon.

Many companies require their agents to use VPNs in order to connect to the office’s network when at home. As information gets more integrated into our daily lives, it may become necessary to access the information in the field or on unscheduled downtime. Being able to ensure your customer information is secure doing this exchanged is pivotal.

Mobile Devices and VPNs

Most smartphones and tablets have the ability to run VPNs. The larger VPN companies have a subscription model that can cover multiple devices including your tablet or smartphone. Many are finding themselves using their smartphones as the device primarily used for business over a traditional desktop. As mobile devices become more power there is less of a need to be tethered to your desk and those who are capable of taking advantage of that may still require the security of a VPN.

Added VPN Benefits

Although privacy is why VPNs came about it’s not the only reason why someone may choose to use one. Netflix is a global company and has to provide programming to a wide range of audiences. To do that they have to secure licensing of programming which would be popular in that area but will save money by not offering that show to its global audience. But what if you’re interested in watching that show or movie? Certain VPNs can be used to trick sites like Netflix into responding to your requests as if you are in a different country altogether. The Pay Per View model oftentimes doesn’t exist in other countries and can be seen on normal public access. A good VPN can actually end up paying for itself if you’re using to paying for such sporting events.

How to Get A VPN

If you do a Google search for VPN reviews many options will come up. It’s important to consider your budget and your requirements. Recently Nord VPN had a scandal concerning one of their servers but still is well-reviewed. Avast VPN also is a great option for those looking for solid internet protection. Most VPNs are very easy to install and are set up fairly automatically with straight forward user interfaces.

There’s a lot of information to consider when choosing the best VPN for you so asking a professional might be your best bet.

Is A VPN Worth It?

Most security advisors would say yes. The threats that exist out there more than warrant additional protection. There are countless VPNs with a wide range of features and pricing which can fit most people’s budgets. Although in the past VPNs are expensive and with very few solid choices that have since changed as new companies entered the market and drove down the price. Running a VPN daily should be a serious consideration for anything who is serious about not getting taken advantage of while on the internet.

If you have any further questions or concerns about VPNs Rush Tech Support would be happy to help. Over the years we have had plenty of experience with the VPN software and can pass that hard-won knowledge on to you. Please give us a call if you’re considering using a VPN at 844-880-7874 rather than opt for a cheap and worthless software scam.

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