What is Java? Explained Simply!

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What is Java?

“What is Java” is a question we receive almost daily at Rush Tech Support when we are performing remote tech support on customer’s computers. Essentially, it is a language that a computer programmer or developer uses to make their programs. It is similar to authoring a book. The author chooses the language they want to write the book in. Java is an example of just that language. As far as “Do I Need Java?: Technically, you do not need it, but it will significantly reduce the ability for the computer to perform at its peak performance. Back to the language analogy, it is like stating that you don’t want to know Spanish. You don’t necessarily need to know the language, but it isn’t going to hurt being able to communicate with people who only speak it. There are a lot more technicalities to Java, but it is an analogy that we find fitting for the situation. To install it, we always recommend going to to make sure that you are getting an official release and not a fake pop up virus. If your Java is crashing then you may have a virus that needs removal. Sometimes, updating Java will fix the issue, if not, you may need a professional to fix corrupt system files.

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In short: What is Java?

A programming language that developers use for applications and games. You install Java on your computer so that it can use those applications. You don’t technically “Need” it, but having it will do more good than evil as long as it is kept up to date. After getting in touch with our technicians and watching our video, you will be able to educate anybody who asks you “What is Java?” Isn’t that refreshing!

At Rush Tech Support, we always make sure that our customers have the most up to date version of Java because it will get updated when there are security breeches. If you after reading this explanation and watching the video you still are asking yourself: What is Java? Fill out the fields below and speak with an expert technician on the subject. If your Java keeps crashing, our remote tech support can get everything working like new without you having to leave the house!

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