Tech Tips for Businesses in 2020

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Rush Tech Support wants to make sure you know these tech tips for businesses in 2020. It can be difficult for large companies to adapt and integrate new technologies as they come out. Smaller companies have less overhead and are more flexible in adopting new policies. These qualities can help you get a leg up on your competition, even as times change.

Here are our top tech tips for businesses:

Social Media Doesn’t Always Help

It’s common for businesses to believe that social media can fix all of their issues with growing their businesses. Social media can certainly help increase your new business but to what degree depends on the industry. Not every company is super exciting or relative for customers to receive regular updates about. It’s also all too common for business owners to have difficulty juggling multiple accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram) to the point which it takes away other potential revenue streams. If you’re constantly spamming your current or potential customer base, they’re more likely to stop following you then deal with the useless notifications. Your media presence should be consistent but not overbearing.

Coupon codes or exclusive deals for social media followers is a good way of adding value for your customer to pay attention to. However, there can’t be such a steady flow of discounts that it’s clear that these are a regular occurrence. Otherwise, customers might just simply wait for the next deal to see if it’s better or become skeptical of how much of an actual deal is being offered. Trying to find a balanced approach to social media is one of the most important tech tips for businesses.

Pay for Business Broadband

Your internet connection is very important. Your budget allocation for broadband should reflect that importance. For many businesses, the faster and more stable your internet connection, the faster you can get work done. If your internet connection speed interacts directly with your customers, it can lead to a very positive or a very negative experience. If you host a good public wifi hotspot this can actually draw in and keep customers in your area.

Your internet service provider (or ISP) often offers more stable and faster internet speeds to business clients. Although this is almost always more expensive than consumer-grade packages, they commonly include faster response times about sending out technicians and priority during downtimes. Depending on the provider and package they may have specific time frames promised when dealing with outages or they will be subject to some liability. Less downtime, faster data rates, all translates to a better experience for your customers and employees. Pay attention to that contract, however. Both parties signing it are generally committing more than a traditional, 50 dollar per month consumer plan.

Cloud Backup Can Save Lives

Cloud storage can save money and potentially your whole business if your system crashes without a backup. Offsite storage can serve a number of functions but having an offsite backup of your company’s data one of the best tech tips for businesses. A service like LiveDrive creates a one to one copy of what is currently on your company computers. If a hardware crash occurs then the files remain offsite and then can be downloaded to another computer or recovered to the same computer once whatever issue is resolved.

In the past, storage solutions used to require expensive overhead from pricy hardware. They often required a train professional to maintain them. By moving your data storage to the cloud it both saves money and removes the threat which robbery or natural disasters pose to your data. A subscription fee for these services also tends to be a much easier burden for a startup or existing company to shoulder.

Cloud storage works particularly well for those who have to share files with each other. Rather than having to physically burn data onto certain media, the folder permissions to access that data can simply be granted to another user. This information being in the cloud also means that it’s not subject to a specific computer having issues.

Your Website IS Your Public Image

It’s become increasingly common for the first impression a customer gets of your business, is how your website looks. Younger customers will be much less inclined to visit a business if there is no website or a clearly dated website. It shows that the company didn’t feel like it was a priority and screams to the tech-savvy is that your business believes that internet traffic is an afterthought. Get out of the old brick-and-mortar mindset.

Your website needs to be easy to navigate and pertinent information easily accessible. It’s important for retailers to compare prices to Amazon if there is a comparable product being sold (your customers sure will be). Amazon pricing can also give insight into what customers are willing to pay and price accordingly.

As far as your online presence is concerned, positive Google reviews are of the highest importance. Google reviews give your customer a clear and easy to use platform either to praise or condemn you. Maintaining these scores is one of the most important tech tips for businesses mentioned here. Other customers may make their decision to work with you based on what other customers have said. It’s important to reach out via the platform to address negative reviews and console the customer. Apologizing for the issue or explaining why it happened goes a long way. Offering discounts or refunds for the previous service goes a long way with winning back faith. This may cause the customer to change the review or take it down completely, saving you the bad press in the process.

Mobile-Friendly Sites Are Not Optional

We carry computers in our pockets daily. While on the go we may need to look up a company nearby which can fit our needs. If the important information on your website can’t easily be accessed by phone your competitor might. Your potential customer might just go to your competitor who prioritized making a mobile-friendly website.

As of 2015 Google’s search engine gives preference to websites that are mobile-ready. Skip this suggestion your business may not even show up on the 3rd page. It’s rare for a potential customer to search through several pages, cross-references potential businesses. They’re just going to go to your competitors.


With these tech tips for businesses in 2020, your business can be ready for the future. Being on the cutting edge is difficult and risky but being ahead of the curve positions you for success. Call Rush Tech Support at 844-880-7874 to see how we can assist your business.

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