Remove Browser Hijacker Virus

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Professionally Remove Browser Hijacker Virus

Many people at some point or another have had an issue with their homepage being changed, seemingly out of nowhere. Most of the time, this change has happened from a hijacker virus which is essentially a form of malware that infects the user’s computer and changes the homepage. Usually, these infections happen after a program has been installed using express or fast installation methods. User’s are encouraged to always choose Advanced or Custom installation when putting programs on their computer to make sure no third party programs are installed. These are especially prevalent with “free” software. You don’t have to (but are encouraged to) read the small print, but there are usually check boxes that will allow/disallow the changing on homepages. The most common hijacker virus’ are Search Protect by Conduit,, Delta Search, and Tuvaro. Many people that try to remove these virus’ on their own end up making things worse. Simply uninstalling the program will never change your browser settings. Depending on how deep the infection is will dictate how much work will need to be done. Some of the more serious infections actually change the path for the browser in the properties on Windows. An expert technician shouldn’t have too much trouble spotting and removing these virus’ but it is not recommended that home users without experience try removing hijackers. A lot of the infections will corrupt the registry and unless you know the in’s and outs of regedit, HKLM, and HKCU you shouldn’t attempt to alter these values. It’s not simple! Using the built in Windows features can also lead to corruption, especially with the Conduit virus. A lot of people experience pop up errors on starting up the computer like TBVerifier.dll which needs to be altered in Scheduled Tasks and “msconfig.” Needless to say, if these instructions are over your head, you will need a professional! Don’t worry! There is hope! We provide easy online solutions where our expert tech’s can remote onto your computer. Fix the infection. Change the homepage. Let you enjoy your computer! If you can click a button you can get connected and let us remove the browser hijacker virus for you!


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