Why You Need Managed IT Services

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Managed IT services can keep your computer running in tip-top shape with no downtime required. Through an RMM (Remote Management and Monitoring) software called Syncro, Rush Tech Support is able to provide you the best computer care possible. Information on the status of your computer is sent in real-time and possible issues are stopped before they even happen.

Managed IT Services include:

1.Patch management

Conventional wisdom has always been to do your Windows updates. However, over the years Windows updates have caused some major issues depending on the machine and the environment they’ve been deployed. Patch management is one of the many managed IT services provided by Rush Tech Support. We research each software update to make sure that nothing catastrophic will occur with your computer when you push that Update button. About a year ago a Windows Update rendered millions of computers inoperable permanently. Those with patch management were saved from that fate by their managed IT services

2. Antivirus Protection

It is important to have an antivirus with the most up to date definitions. Many updated almost daily. Including your antivirus software as a managed IT service makes keeping up to date a seamless process. Webroot has successfully protected computers against some of the latest threats and other ransomware.

3. Cloud Backup

Backing up your files into the cloud is a great way to ensure your data is protected. Live Drive, for example, backs up your data whenever a file modification is made. Manually moving the files to a flash drive as an extra redundancy is advisable but shouldn’t be the only backup. Using both methods is the best way to protect your data. Having cloud back up as one of your managed IT services means that it’s handled automatically.

4. Remote Access Assistance

When you’re having an issue on your computer which is difficult to describe, a picture is worth a thousand words. With remote access assistance, we’re able to connect to the computer and use the keyboard and mouse as if we are there. This eliminates the guesswork of troubleshooting and simple issues are fixed quickly without any downtime.

Additional Managed IT Services Benefits

1. Professional Help

Often times troubleshooting falls to whoever is the most tech-savvy employee. These employees never have the proper training to handle intricate IT issues. Those employees are trained in their respective roles and are very good at them. When it comes to handling complicated computer issues or heaven forbid a problem with the company’s server, they will quickly be out of their depth and scratching their head. Even if they fix that current issue, they may be only postponing larger issues down the road. They simply lack the knowledge to ensure that small issues don’t become company ending ones.

2. Accessibility

Having managed IT services ensures that you get a speedy response in your time of need. When you choose to work with a small, one-man IT operation, your call may not be answered after normal business hours. The turn around is most likely going to be even worse if you’re a new customer and are not part of their normal schedule. Why should they prioritize you over their long time, consistently paying customers?

3. An On-Call IT Department

Skilled computer technicians are highly sought after. The best IT professionals have gone to school for several years, paid for multiple costly certifications, and have years of experience. Employing one skilled technician is easily upwards of 35,000 dollars a year. Factor in benefits, 401k, vacation days, etc. and the cost is even higher. Let alone hiring two or more qualified technicians to cover your business hours or workload.

When you hire a properly staffed IT company their availability is much more extensive. These Managed Service Provider IT companies provide much better coverage than the one or two employees could ever hope for.

4. Protected Personal Information

Your client or personal information has value to hackers and those interested in committing identity theft. Protecting this information should be one of your top priorities. If you make IT security an afterthought than it’s already a problem. Your possible issues for not securing that information can be substantial. That’s if you can afford to pay for it. Purchasing managed IT services are the better and cheaper option in the long run.

5. Proactive Protection

Cyber threats are always evolving and changing. Even as old exploits are patched or repaired new exploits are found and then taken advantage of. Even being a few months behind the curve with cybersecurity could mean that private information is vulnerable. Almost everyday news comes out about the latest threats and how to prevent them. Who has time to keep up with that flood of information? Companies whose job it is to protect their clients and have years of expertise doing just that. Rush Tech Support is one of those companies.

6. Avoids Downtime

However, long term problems happen down the road when you only band-aid your IT issues. A lack of security or subpar computer performance is unacceptable. The time saved from snappy computers and no downtime adds up quickly. Remaining stable translates directly into less stress.


Obviously, at Rush Tech Support we understand that when it comes to technology, keeping up to date is the highest priority. With managed IT services doing that updating in real-time, it takes the guesswork out of the process. Our offices are located in Hypoluxo Florida and have extensive experience offering computer services both remotely and on-site. Our clientele includes businesses in many different industries as well as commercial clients. This experience gives us a clear perspective of the technology landscape and it may affect you.

If you want to know more about how Rush Tech Support can help with your computer needs, give us a call at 844-880-7874. Our agents would be happy to assist you.

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